Tarah Who? Releases New Single ‘Push Me’

Tarah Who? holds nothing back on the intense raw punk energy of “Push Me.” A rather clever approach, elements of pop, thrash, and noise rock into the sound. Nods to groups as far-ranging as Le Tigre, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and more help influence the sound. Sonically they cut to the absolute bone. Volume is a must for theirs is a sound that deserves to be felt as much as heard. Vocals shout above the rest, for they have a shouted fury to them. Lyrics here are chosen with care and cuts to the very bone.

The song has a rapid pace about it, and a whole rush of energy blasts to the forefront. Their vocals are mixed front and center. Drums hit with a tribal fury, for they barrel through with gleeful abandon. By keeping things nice and loose, there is a degree of uncertainty that they throw into the fray, which helps keep things uncertain. Layer upon layer enters the fray, and the groove absolutely crushes the listener. Riffs are given the right amount of distortion, ensuring that unhinged energy is put to good use. Ultimately, the real power rests with the group’s interplay, the way they effortlessly anticipate each other’s moves.

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“Push Me” features the uncanny delirium of Tarah Who? in creating a world that feels fully realized, all-consuming, and pure unbridled chaos.