Esglo’s ‘Poetic Trance’ Brings People to the Dancefloor

Esglo delves into the happy house side of things on the deliriously joyful “Poetic Trance.” With a resurgence of interest in those long-lost 90s styles, one of the most sorely missed ones for me (at least) has to be the fine sounds of trance-pop. Here the sounds absolutely are imbued in such a tender, compassionate way. Rhythms go for that hypnotic groove, and the arrangements are given plenty of room to spread out. Melodies feature a great richness, and vocals feature a reassuring presence about them. All of this, mixed with a nod toward hyper-pop’s emotional vulnerability, make the album best taken in as a singular whole.

“Dreamstate” opens things up with a sense of grandeur, setting the tone for what follows, featuring a wonderful cinematic flourish. Layer upon layer is applied on the glistening futuristic realm of “Within My Heart.” The lovely visions of “One More Try” come into focus with crystal clarity, featuring fantastic synthesizer stabs running overhead. Compact beats cascade downstairs on “Your Eyes” tech-house spirit. Rather gentle “Take Me by the Hand” has a prettiness to go for an ornate structure. Blown out into the sky, “Distant Heart” stuns, serving as the highlight of the album with a truly arena-filling sort of presence. Bringing things to a wonderful conclusion is the stellar “Mirage.”

“Poetic Trance” features the undeniable talent of Esglo in delivering a soulful message sent straight from the heart.

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