10 Menswear Inspired Fedora Hat Tutorials and How-Tos: Great Ideas to Copy Now!

The fedora hat is one of the most stylish and versatile pieces that a man can own.

From classy to casual looks, there’s always a way to include this timeless accessory in your wardrobe since it suits any type of outfit. In fact, every self-respecting man should have at least one good quality fedora hat.

Whether you want an elegant look for a formal event or you prefer being more carefree with sporty outfits, you’ll find plenty of inspiration right here.

So whether you’re looking for DIY projects or tutorials on how to make a fedora hat, we have tons of ideas just for you! Check them out below:

1. Easy Men’s Fedora Hat Tutorial 

Here’s a great tutorial on how to make a fedora-style hat for men, and it’s so easy that even beginners can follow along. This project uses a piece of cloth as the main material, so it’s a great way to recycle any old fabric you have lying around.

2. How to Make a Fedora Hat from a Scarf 

If you’re looking for a more stylish version of the standard fedora hat, then this tutorial is perfect for you. It uses an old scarf as the base material, so it’s a great way to recycle something that you might not wear anymore.

3. How to Make a Felt Fedora Hat 

Here’s another simple tutorial on how to make a fedora-style hat, but time with felt. This is great for beginners, and it’s perfect to wear at casual events like summer barbecues.

4. Fedora Hat Tutorial 

This YouTube video shows you how to make a Fedora-style hat using just paper and tape! This is great if you’re looking for an easy way to learn the basics, or if you need something quick for last-minute fashion emergencies.

5. Fedora Hat Pattern & Tutorial 

If you want to make your own authentic Fedora hat, then this pattern and tutorial are exactly what you need. This takes some patience but the end result is definitely worth your time, especially if you want to create a special Fedora look that stands out from the rest.

6. How to Make a Fedora Hat Embellished With Glasses 

If you love Fedora hats but want to add a quirky twist to your look, then this Fedora hat is for you. It’s embellished with glasses and it can be yours in 3 easy steps! It’s perfect for silly looks and Instagram photos! We all know that Fedora hats are a must-have accessory, but did you know they also make great props? In fact, Fedora hats are the perfect way to get into character – whether you’re going as a magician or someone from Game of Thrones.

7. Fedora Hat Hack: How to Wear a Fedora with Glasses 

Fedora hats go well with any outfit so it makes sense that they also work perfectly when worn over your prescription glasses. Here’s a Fedora hat how to that’s perfect for glasses-wearers.

8. Fedora Hat Hack: How to Wear a Fedora at Night 

Fedora hats are great for the daytime, but they’re also perfect accessories for nighttime fashion as well! Here’s a Fedora hat hack on how to wear your Fedora at night so you’ll always look sharp even when the sun goes down.

9. Fedora Hat Hack: Fedora with Beanie or Baseball Cap 

If you want your Fedora to stand out from the crowd, then this is one of the best Fedora hacks ever! It transforms your average men’s fedora into an edgy baseball cap in seconds by wearing different materials together. The result is impressive and it’s definitely worth trying! Fedora hats are versatile accessories that never go out of style, but sometimes they can come across as too formal. Why not try this Fedora hack to make your Fedora hat more casual?

10. Fedora Hat Hack: Fedora to Beanie 

Fedora hats can be transformed into super cute beanies in just a couple of minutes! This hack is perfect for beginners and the result is so adorable – it will definitely get you compliments on Instagram! Fedora hats are truly timeless accessories, but if you want to create something unique then why not try using different materials to make your own fedora hat? Here’s one great Fedora hack that shows you how to transform an old hoodie into a stylish fedora hat. It looks amazing and it’s totally unique! Fedora hats are an iconic accessory that never goes out of style, but it can be tough to find Fedora hat patterns and tutorials that suit your needs. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 10 Fedora hat hacks that you’ll love – no matter what your skill level or budget is. You won’t want to miss out on these Fedora hat tips and tricks. Feel free to share this Fedora hat hack list with your friends and family so they can learn how to transform their own fedora hats, too!


Fedora hat hacks can help you take your Fedora look to a new level. Fedora hats are also a must-have outfit accessory, and it’s easy to find Fedora patterns and tutorials that suit your needs. Fedora hats work at all times of the day, including nighttime fashion as well.