Doug Kistner New Video ‘There’s The Door (feat. Bill Champlin)’

Sung with poise and passion, Doug Kistner crafts an elegant ballad with “There’s The Door (feat. Bill Champlin)”. Vocals dominate the track for they are pure fire. Lyrics here feature verses that cut right to the bone. Elements of pop, classic rock, the blues, and more filter into the fray. Interplay reveals a band that truly listens to each other, for the song has a bombastic beauty about it. Melodies here perfectly sync with the sheer strength of their voices. Beyond this, the rhythm proves to be the perfect punctuation to the level of energy that they show throughout. Volume matters a great deal and really ought to be blasted in order to truly appreciate the fully experience.

Not a moment is wasted for they set things off on a high note. Immediately the narrative comes into view. They use the language economically for every line further solidifies the environment. A track that feels truly lived in there is a gorgeousness to the way that the bring it all together. Layer upon layer gets added into the active mix, making sure that their piece continually evolves. Buildup here is essential for they let the song grow. Usage of the keyboards proves to be a deft touch for they ensure that there is a lot of space, allowing even some bluesy vamps into the fray to further emphasize the song’s true spirit.

“There’s The Door (feat. Bill Champlin)” show off Doug Kistner’s deft storytelling ability with a song that feels positively timeless.