Louise Cappi Presents ‘Keep That Dream Alive’

Louise Cappi embraces an old-school funky style with the highly playful “Keep That Dream Alive”. Sung with such soul the song has a limberness to it. With a clear nod to the 70s the track has a classic cadence to it. It helps that the rhythm section has a tautness to it, for every hit of the drum and gesture of the bass further adds to this compassionate performance. Her voice feels so illustrious. Nods to Carole King’s work feels uncanny. Melody and groove become one, for the two become inseparable. In a way the song always evolves in a way that possesses so much grace. Volume is a must for there is a physicality to all of it, one that reassures the very soul.

The groove begins immediately. Percussion has a dexterity to it, from the hit of the drum to the hit of the bongo. Nor do they let up – it constantly doubles, then triples down. Everything here features balance. Layer upon layer gets into the spirit. From the nimble guitar work to the keyboards, it all stuns. Additionally, the fact that she lets the sound soar figures prominently. Certain moments even gain a psychedelic shimmer to them, one that feels particularly deserved. For the finale she puts out all the stops for there is a bit of swagger to it.

“Keep That Dream Alive” features the tremendous spirit of Louise Cappi in crafting a world that has a great determination to it.