What Are the Films With the Best Soundtracks?

When it comes to films, it is difficult to think of entertainment that is more engaging and more loved across the whole world. Of course, there is the video game industry which seems to be the hottest new thing in entertainment and for good reason too, but this is still a relatively young industry, especially when compared to the film industry. People might point to gambling because of how exciting that is, and the growth of this industry would certainly suggest that it is popular across the world. Those who access a list of casinos that can be found here would no doubt agree with his notion too, but the reality is that films have that unique factor that is unmatchable by anything else.

There is no doubt that when people watch a film, a good one that is, they become intensely engaged with what is happening on the screen, and each story beat compels them to stay a little longer to see how everything will play out. One must only look to examples like the Godfather to see how films can entertain audiences over a long period as that film is a classic that is still cited as being one of the best of all time. In a way then, films are timeless as they can be enjoyed by many future generations, but they are also useful in that they capture the culture of the time. It can be exciting to go back and watch old films and be reminded of what the world was like back then.

All these factors go into making a good film, but there is one more that is arguably the most important of all. Many people underestimate how much work goes into movie soundtracks, but they are a pivotal part of the process that will inform how audiences feel and how they react to certain scenes. For example, it doesn’t make sense to have an upbeat soundtrack for a film’s emotional climax; it would be far better to have something like an orchestral swell. Most people will have one or two iconic soundtracks stuck in their heads as that is essentially their job, but here are some films with some of the best soundtracks ever made

Inception This mind-bending thriller from Christopher Nolan will stay in people’s heads forever, as will the grand soundtrack from Hans Zimmer. No movie soundtrack list is complete without mentioning this legend of the industry.

The Lord of the Rings This series will be remembered forever for its exceptional cinematography, set design and story. The music ties this all together and makes watching these films a breath-taking experience.

Gladiator One of the best soundtracks of all time to accompany one of the best historical films of all time. This epic is timeless and still has yet to be bested by the film industry today.

Here are just a few movies with amazing soundtracks, but movie lovers will agree that this list could easily be tripled with as there are so many great examples out there.