New Video By JidScan “On Fire” feat. Ty Jack

When you’re meant to achieve greatness, life will keep pulling you back to where it needs you most. JidScan’s passion and heart have always been in rap, and his career has been down many avenues in the industry. From working at a label to learning the back end of promoting music, this artist saw each moving part of a well-oiled machine – but he knew his heart was in performing and creating. Inspired by early 2000s rap legends such as Jay-Z, Eminem, and Kanye West, JidScan brings consumable, contemporary music back to the mainstream. With sharp-witted and commanding lyrics, JidScan opens our eyes to what truly matters in life: chasing your dream until it becomes a reality. Tour through his discography and discover for yourself what a versatile artist JidScan is.

Let “On Fire Tonight” be your beacon of hope when you’re feeling down and out. Ty Jack’s gospel melodies and JidScan’s lyrically conscious flow tie together seamlessly for the perfect motivational track. Each bar is candid, encouraging you to put yourself and your dreams above everything. The music video captures this inspiring theme, where we follow several driven people chasing their goals. One hopes to become a basketball star, while another wants to dance on Broadway, and two others are chasing their dreams of acting – and falling in love with each other – in New York. With uplifting vocals and a bass bumping beat, “On Fire Tonight” gets you off of your feet and ready to fight for what you want.