@skopemag news – sunday – december 12, 2021 @ 12 pm est

@skopemag news – sunday – december 12, 2021 @ 12 pm est

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Joseph Hyde – Spherical Harmonics | Out Now

Spherical Harmonics reflects a love of early electronic music, when every sound and every instrument had to be built by hand, and artists were pioneers exploring new territory with no map. It is made using self-built analogue synthesizers and home-made software, with no preset sounds, standardised rhythmic grids or even musical scales. The result is a series of tone poems evoking imaginary landscapes, arranged as a journey into outer reaches and inner depths.

FULLMINATOR Release “Cyberpathic” video

FULLMINATOR have released a video for their song “Cyberpathic”. The song has also been released on all streaming platforms today.

Rapper Wopp drops music video featuring SG Swerv

In only a few months since joining Swervnation, Wopp has shown his ability to create hits after hits. Following the release of “Blues” with Mufasa and “It’s That”, the Chicago rapper drops “Bankroll”, featuring SG SWERV, who as well has recently been signed to the #Swerv label.

Ravive Announces Upcoming Single “7 Yrs”

“7 Yrs” really broke my heart. I haven’t seen the song’s subject in seven years, and looking back on my relationship with that person, I wanted to dial back into one specific day – the last that I saw him. It was the day I realized that I could no longer keep running back to something that was hurting me – so I gathered my things, and left without looking over my shoulder. I stepped out into the early morning sun, hopped into my old Toyota Corolla, and drove into a new phase of life. It’s now been more than seven years since that day; this song was written some time ago. But the uncomfortable nostalgia factor of this song makes it all the more gut-wrenching.


Canadian hard rockers SHOT DOWN TWICE will release their upcoming self-titled EP on the 21st of January, 2021.

The new self-titled EP follows their debut Got Up Once.

“After many months of work, and after numerous highs and lows we are beyond thrilled to release our second EP, aptly named Shot Down Twice We’ve dug real deep this time to create a hard rock EP that will are really proud of. We had a blast working on it and I think that’ll come through and you’ll be able to feel that when you listen to the music. It’s a full ride and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Cheers to all”

French Alternative/Modern-Metal Rockers PERSEIDE stream new album reissue ‘The Only Thing’

As announced previously : after already re-release some singles from the album, French alternative-rock/modern-metallers from Lyon PERSEIDE officially reissued their debut full-length effort ‘The Only Thing’ worldwide – with a brand new artwork – on CD & Digital through Wormholedeath.

ODDLAND: Finnish progsters release new single and video “Unity”

Finnish progressive metal alumni ODDLAND return with a second digital single from their upcoming studio album “Vermillion”. Just like their previously released track from the same record, “Unity” shows a tight and intense-sounding approach, rhythmically complex and rich in melodies and emotions. Another strike before the full-out progressive attack that will be the Finnish band’s full-length album in 2022.

LUTHARO Release “Phantom” Video

Canadian thrashers LUTHARO have revealed a video for their track “Phantom”. The song is taken from their critically acclaimed album Hiraeth which was released in October.

The band comments “”We’ve been holding onto this chilling track for a long time and some would say we saved the best for last.. you’ll have to find out”

SHAKE THE TEMPLE: Announce New Music Video The Devil’s Approach

Hot on the heels of their debut album, Australia’s Shake The Temple has announced the release of their second music video for their latest track ‘The Devil’s Approach’.

A colossal production filmed in a secret location; this music video is something to behold.

A cinematic, movie-like setting in a maze of giant timber pillars- the video conjures up memories of 70’s horror and vintage metal that reflects on the nature of this new band. Bringing such theatre so rarely seen in music videos these days, it is a credit to the trio that they can break the norms for a band hailing from a usually restrained local rock scene.

THE PULSE-ESCAPE METHOD Release “Homicide” On Streaming platforms

Toronto based progressive metal outfit THE PULSE-ESCAPE METHOD have released their debut single “Homicide” on all streaming platforms. Fusing heavy instrumentation with intense electronics, their debut jumps straight into the experimental.

VHS Release New Album

If you want blood we got it! Canadian death metal gorehounds VHS are back with a new album of horror-inspired heaviness. This time, VHS plunge their fangs into vampire films with a full-length collection of nocturnal anthems called I Heard They Suck… Blood.

With songs based on vamp classics like The Lost Boys, Near Dark and The Monster Squad, the album will thrill death metal and horror fanatics alike. The album even features guest vocals from ghoulish allies Trevor Strnad (Black Dahlia Murder) and Dave Ingram (Benediction). While VHS mainly drinks their life-force from the rotten arteries of death metal, the album is a feeding frenzy of diverse riffs and bat-shit crazy ideas. Part Exhumed and Carcass, part KISS and AC/DC. Or maybe Pungent Stench and Impetigo cannibalizing a drunken skate punk. Sharpen your wooden stakes, because this album’s out for blood.