Why Brands Need A Tik Tok Account

Every day more and more brands enter TikTok. The rapid development of the site and high user activity could not leave even the world’s largest companies aside. And if you, as a marketer, brand manager or SMM specialist, still doubt the success of this idea or simply don’t know how to properly manage an account, then this article is for you. Find out here why many companies even buy TikTok followers for initial promotion.

Why do you need a business account on TikTok

Maintaining an account can be both a problem and a solution. It all depends on you. If you approach this issue creatively, with an understanding of the algorithms of this particular site and without the expectation of a quick take-off, then your path will be extremely exciting and less thorny.

Why do you need to create an account at all, if you can just order ads from other bloggers and promote your brand through targeting and content makers, you ask? Why do so many people spend money and buy followers on TikTok when it can be avoided? The answer is on the surface, but let’s take it in order.

Firstly, promoting through advertising and through SMM are two different paths. If possible, both should be used. You do not refuse promotions on Instagram, despite the fact that you already have an account there.

Secondly, the promotion of the TikTok account will allow you to consistently attract new customers. Not only on the days of launching advertising campaigns, but on a regular basis, thanks to constant traffic in your account.

Thirdly, having an account on a popular platform means being trendy. And it is trends, despite their seeming inconsistency and flexibility, that set the course for the development of social networks for the next few years. You don’t even have to go far while some hated this social network for frivolous content and a young audience, others have already earned millions there. And the Instagram developers even launched Reels, which is analogous to the TikTok format.

How to begin

The main thing is to set a goal, prescribe a strategy and study at least a little the service, its algorithms, target audience and the format of interaction between users. Here are some tips for a good start:

  1. Think carefully about what kind of result you expect from the site and what resources you are ready to spend for implementation.
  2. Select the format for maintaining your account
  3. Determine your posting frequency. Postings should be frequent but comfortable for you.
  4. Prepare scripts ahead of time, but be flexible and change them along the way
  5. Shoot videos in advance. It’s much easier to plan one day of shooting and provide yourself with content a week in advance than wasting time on it all the time.

And if you are not ready to actively engage in the development of a business account, then you can find specialists who are ready to help. For example, if you delegate writing an ad script to a screenwriter, assessing a strategy to a marketer, and shooting content to real bloggers, then the process will go much faster and easier.