Doug Ferony Presents New Holiday Single ‘Jingle Bells’

Doug Ferony brings a creative flair to the timeless classic “Jingle Bells.” With a nice, fully fleshed-out big band swing, the song has a joyous communal presence. The band’s interplay features a great deal of fun, for they hold nothing back. Volume is an absolute must, for this is a sound that needs to be felt as well as heard. Lyrics are cherished, memorable things imbued with new meaning, thanks largely to Doug’s delivery. Quite smooth, there is a nostalgic take to how he lets each verse flow through. Despite the short length of the song, he manages to pour a lot into the small space.

From the very first moment, the whole band works in unison. An easy-going rhythm underpins the track giving it a nice jazzy feeling behind it. The rest of the song builds itself up. Setting the scene nicely, there is an intrinsic balance in how they layer sound after sound. Virtually a kaleidoscope of instruments and colors, the whole thing positively pops. By the time the vocals come, the entire thing feels outright perfect. His lush, reassuring vocals possess a lot of depth behind them. The song itself touches upon the holiday season’s deeper meaning: the desire, the need for togetherness. As the song comes to a close, this message feels crystal clear.