Tedi Brunetti Presents “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”

Tedi Brunetti offers a modern-day take on the blues with the mantra of “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”. A clever bit of humor comes through over the course of the track. Lyrics focus on the mundane, on how days seemingly bleed into each other. With a powerful voice the song virtually demands to be played loud. Her delivery too possesses so much fire to it for it expresses frustration at the ease with which one gets caught in this cycle. Hard to break out of, the rest of the band emphasizes her point, punctuating each phrase with such skill.

A low-key atmosphere starts things off. To a large degree there is a bit of beauty behind it. Notes of New York’s jazz scene appear throughout. Interplay has a fantastic feeling to it, as if the whole band grew up together. With a conversational aspect to the instrumental portion, it works wonders alongside her passionate performance. Layer upon layer gets introduced into the scene, helping to make sure that there is a communal quality to all of it. Every little flourish matters for they keep things tight throughout. Grooves stun with their infectious quality. However, all of this works in service to her highly observational approach where she is able to capture what it means to be alive in this very moment.

“Eat, Sleep, Repeat” proves Tedi Brunetti to be a gifted lyricist accurately portraying the ridiculousness of modern life, the sheer repetition that consumes far too many.