Mia Rebel Releases official music video for ‘Any Time I Want To’

Mia Rebel, multi-disciplinary singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and entrepreneur, has composed and performed a contemporary anthem for international human rights. In her poignant, yet infectious, declaration of independence she sings, “It’s about the right, to walk around this whole wide world anytime I want to.” Rebel ingeniously repeats this phrase over and over, making it sound fresh each time she sings it. She never crosses the same river twice. With soulful inflections and nuance, she implores us to sing along and join that walk around the world, in lock-step with her groove.

Her ability to pen and deliver a song in this way points to her work with the legendary godfather of funk, George Clinton, legendary jazz guitarist, Les Paul, and her family relationship to the legendary songstress, Victoria Spivey. The synergy of the music and vocals in the powerful video for this track is a nod to Mia Rebel’s high level work as a dancer. Her training with the Alvin Ailey Dance Academy, the Bernice Johnson Dance Academy, acclaimed dancers, Ben Vereen and Michael Peters, is quite apparent.

Mia Rebel was born in Georgia and raised by her Mother, Aunt and Uncle on Air Force bases across America. As a youth Mia trained in ballet, tap and jazz dance at Alvin Ailey Dance Academy and Bernice Johnson Dance Academy with Ben Vereen and Michael Peters. By the age of 14 Mia was well on her way with her first Broadway play “Dead End” written by 1976…