A Short Introduction To Playing Domino QQ Online

For the past decade, online casino gaming has seen success. Even though advanced games are being introduced, some players still go for the traditional games. One of those is Domino QQ. This is an old domino game that is very popular in Indonesia and other Asian countries. 

And now, there are game variations that can be found at many online casino sites, like KLIK DISINI. So if you want to know more about Domino QQ before you start playing for real money, then you have come to the right place. 

What is Domino QQ?

This is one of the simplest casino games to play. The gameplay is pretty simple and it even resembles those of the poker game. But instead of cards, Domino QQ is similar to Pai Gow where two sets of dominoes are used to play. This online casino game is so famous these days that it is being played anywhere in the world.

The game uses 28 cards referred to as ‘dominoes.’ The size of the cards is smaller than those used in poker games. The player will then use four cards to start the game unlike back in the day where only three cards were used to play.

Understanding the Card Values

The player will have two cards and each hand will have a value of nine. The player who has the highest total value, in the end, will win the game. But the player needs to have a hand with a total of points that are closest to nine by counting the red dots on both of the cards. 

If in case the player has more than 9 points the scores will be decreased by ten leaving a single digit total. And if in case the total points exceed 19, then the value will be reduced by 20 points, again leaving a single digit total.

Reading the Special Cards

Aside from the regular Domino QQ cards, you might come across some distinctive cards. And if you have any of this, there is a great chance that you will win the game. These cards include six god cards, four log or twin cards, and also small and big pure cards. 

  • God Cards. The card has six total dots that you can find from the bottom to the top. If the player will have four cards and each of them has a value of six, then they should be considered god cards. And having six god cards is the highest hand in the game.
  • Log Cards. The card will have a double or equal number of circles from the bottom and the top of the cards. This is also called the ‘twin’ cards.
  • Pure Small Card. This is the third type of distinctive card that you might come across when playing Domino QQ. This happens when players have cards that total between 6 to 9.
  • Pure Big Card. This card can be owned by players who have a total of 39 to 43 dots. 

Domino QQ might sNow that you know a little bit more about the game, for sure you would be ready to give it a try soon. Make sure that you understand how the game works and you will never go wrong.