Casino games with free trial and PayPal payment method

There are many providers where it is possible to play casino games for free. Meanwhile, this practice mode, as the free game mode is often called, has become a real trend. The clear advantage is that entertainment is offered without having to risk a single cent.

But what is behind it? Why should you play casino games for free and what are the advantages of this option?

Many casino players have certainly already asked themselves this question. As it turns out in practice, more and more casino customers take their chance and ultimately deviate from the real money mode to familiarize themselves with new games for free. Of course, also to try out tactics, systems or tricks that are advertised somewhere on the World Wide Web. For example, to familiarize yourself with a newly introduced casino game, the practice mode is worthwhile to get to know the special features, free spins or further bonus rounds.

Ultimately, there are numerous reasons to play casino games for free at least once in a while. The financial aspect also plays an important role, because those who are short of cash will not have to do without their favorite games in the future thanks to the free trend.

Why play for free at all?

In most online casinos you can play casino games for free, or you decide directly to book a little money to the player account and gamble with it for real winnings. Finally, the choice of game mode is also a matter of taste. In addition, there is the aforementioned aspect of finances, because most online slot machines are still a lot of fun even if it’s not for real winnings for a change.

A wide variety of themes are part of many casino games and provide special excitement through graphic animations and features – regardless of whether a win ultimately results or not. When it comes to table games, another aspect is of importance: that of the appropriate gaming strategy. If you are allowed to play casino games for free, this offers you the opportunity to try out different tactics risk-free.

Top 8 providers with free casino games

Casino Bonus Games Rating
Lucky days Casino 100% up to 1000€ +2000 10/10
NySpins Casino 100€ + 200 free spins +1000 10/10
Betamo Casino 100% up to 300€ bonus +2000 10/10
Wunderino Casino 740€ + 30 free spins +1000 9.5/10
Voodoo Dreams 100€ Bonus +1000 9.5/10
Casino Heroes 100% up to 100€ +1000 9.2/10
Twin Casino 100% up to 400€ +1550 9.2/10
Platin Casino 100€ for free +500 9/10

Advantages & disadvantages of demo play

As crazy as it may sound, but the free play mode is quite a profitable business for most online casinos. The marketing strategy behind this free offer is ultimately a very simple one: once you have decided to play casino games for free, you will definitely be interested sooner or later in how your chances of winning are in real money mode.

PayPal payment method: safe and secure

Once you have tasted the trial period, are confident in your abilities and ready to play for money, you need to choose the payment method at the online casino. We recommend choosing such a reliable, safe, convenient and fast system as PayPal. Considered one of the most popular methods among digital wallets, PayPal is used for buying and selling products, services and/or digital content online. Even in the gambling world it is a convenient and convenient payment method. To perform any transaction, all you need is an email address and a password.

PayPal operates in over 200 countries and has more than 169 million customers. Transactions can be carried out via computer and smartphone. Transactions are monitored 24 hours a day, with state-of-the-art technology. Any suspicion of fraud is analyzed by the team. If there is any problem during the purchase, the payment is held, until everything is solved, through the digital wallet. This is the buyer protection system, eligible for purchases made on the platform.

And since bank details and credit card numbers are not shown to the seller, like casinos, everything is well protected. The information is only stored in the digital wallet system. Authorization is done using only the email address and password.

How to make a payment via PayPal

First, the user must register on the PayPal site. Choose Create a shopping account, to pay for purchases or services. Then select your country, add an email address (which will serve as account usage data) and create a password. After adding basic data, the platform asks for more information, such as address, full name and contact phone number. 

Once the registration is complete, you will need to add credit cards or bank accounts, so that you can add funds to PayPal. Click on Wallet, and select one of the options. When you add a credit card, the system will post a low value, such as a few cents, to serve as confirmation.

After joining PayPal, to make a transfer between users, just enter the email or phone number of the recipient and the amount you want to send. The transaction will be completed in a few clicks. With your PIN or password you will be able to control your money and transactions. 

Due to its simplicity and security, this method is also one of the most used when making a deposit at an online casino. All you have to do is select the payment option on the casino website, enter your PayPal details and include the amount you want to deposit. Once you are ready, your money will be automatically available in your casino account.

PayPal transactions are completed very quickly, which is why many players choose this payment method to collect their winnings. In some cases, casinos may request additional information before proceeding with payment.

How to deposit with PayPal

In all casinos where PayPal payment method is one of the options for deposits, just do the following steps:

  •     Log into your online casino account;
  •     Select the “deposit” option;
  •     Select PayPal as the payment method;
  •     Fill in all the details such as deposit amount;
  •     Confirm the payment.


Thus, the practice mode does not initially bring the online casinos any profit, but usually inevitably leads in the desired direction. After all, most games such as Triple Chance or Book of Ra actually involve a lot of money, and it is precisely this opportunity that only the very few casino customers let slip away in the long run. 

Many players sooner or later anyway want to start playing for real money and in making a deposit and withdrawing from the casino they can use such a reliable system as PayPal. This is one of the fastest and most proven methods of payment, which can be trusted. However, even after making a deposit it is nice to be able to play casino games for free from time to time.