Eugene Cole Presents “Together Forever In Love”

Eugene Cole goes for an easy-going disposition on the soothing soul of “Together Forever In Love”. Vocals take front and center stage for there is a decadence to be felt within the entirety of the work. Done with such glee the track unfurls at its own leisurely pace. R&B, soul, and pop mix into a joyous combination. So much color filters into the mix that it feels akin to watching a sunset, as there is a loveliness to it all. Best of all the lyrics seem to further hone in on exactly what is required in order to get a wild and wonderful power about it.

Guitar has a nimbleness to it, drawing from a smooth jazz style. The rhythms have a welcoming presence. Bass has a warmth behind it effortlessly lifting up the strength of his voice. Everything here has a lushness to it, for not a single moment is wasted. With a careful eye on the groove’s evolution the song has a stunning sundrenched quality. Melodies have a complicated aspect to them for they bring so much into the fray, allowing for a degree of joy to burst onto the scene. Full of yearning and lust, the song makes sure to never hold back. A sense of contentment dominates the whole journey for it ends on a reflective note.

“Together Forever In Love” features the exquisite charms of Eugene Cole in creating a universe that has a sprawling, sensual whole.