Pop superstars H3RIZON, consisting of Bernadette Marquez (Bernie), Tiara Nyuzo and Gabrielle Montalbo (Gabby), have today announced their gorgeous, festive new single, One More Christmas, a poppy, RnB-influenced bop about longing for that special someone during the holidays. The girls, who have amassed nearly 2 million followers on TikTok, have also announced a sparkling, joyful video to accompany One More Christmas. After their previous singles Serious and Maniac exploded online, racking up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views over the last year, it’s clear that H3RIZON are here to take over the world, one harmonised whistle tone at a time.

Taking inspiration from their idols Mariah Carey and Donny Hathaway, H3RIZON have truly created a brand new Christmas classic with this sweet, nostalgic yet modern tune. One More Christmas features classic harmonies from these three extremely talented vocalists, as well as all those adlibs and runs we’ve come to expect from watching hours of their hugely popular TikToks. Speaking on the unexpectedly poignant inspiration behind the RnB, pop flavoured Christmas banger, the group explains, “The incredible inspiration behind this song is our songwriter Raquelle Gracie’s bittersweet story about her late father. She shared with us that her dad passed away a few years back and that she wrote this song thinking of all the things that reminded her of him at Christmas. And just as we’d love to connect with someone we missed but couldn’t be with, she’d want one more Christmas with him. We have so much respect for her penmanship and we’re so honoured to be able to deliver her story within this song.” It’s certainly a beautifully layered song, with several meanings and interpretations that can be taken upon multiple listens; and it’s sure it be a comfort to anyone missing someone this Christmas.