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@skopemag news – tuesday – november 30, 2021 @ 6 pm est

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“BACKROOM” is the latest in a string of impressive new singles for Mike Dimes, following “WISS” and “No Trends,” both of which have collectively accumulated over 500k views on their official music videos alone. “WISS” represents being a silent threat, an acronym for a Wolf In Sheep’s Skin (WISS) and the epitome of Mike Dimes’ entrance into the industry. The rapper’s successes as an independent artist have been fueled by raw talent and lyrical ability, demonstrated by the continued performance of his one-off releases. “No Trends” has surpassed 1 MILLION streams since its release this August.

ISAIAH GRASS (Music Video) – Gives Back!

Chicago – based singer/songwriter Isaiah Grass shares the release of his new music video for his song: “Wherever You Are.” This song is about going through hardships in life, and knowing that you’ll never face them alone.

In September 2021, Isaiah Grass collaborated with Music Beats Cancer to help raise money for cancer research. Out of 2,000 musicians, he was in the Top 7 to raise the most funds for cancer research. They used Isaiah’s song “Wherever You Are” for this cause.


Fresh off the heels of announcing his highly awaited full-length album, blacksummers’NIGHT, arena tour and single “Off” – a “probing ballad full of bass slink” (Rolling Stone), three-time GRAMMY® Award-winning multi-platinum artist Maxwell unveils his music video for “Off.”

Directed by frequent collaborator Philip Andelman and shot in a vast expanse of desert, the video is a stunning, evocative counterpart to the intimate single.

Watch & Listen: London-via-Rome multi-talent Shunaji shares new video & track ‘Stay Silent’

Shunaji’s self-produced ‘Stay Silent’ nods to classic trip-hop whilst demonstrating her eye for the avant-garde as she merges the acoustic and electronic worlds to create an epic track spanning her talents as a vocalist and rapper.

Alternative-Metal Act Not My Grave Release A New Video For “Tears For”

Following the success of the single “Grey”, italian alternative-metal act Not My Grave is back with “Tears For”, new single that describes the artistic evolution of the project, as explained by them: “This song represents the need for a big personal change after a long period without satisfaction or success.By adding soft and harsh vocals, clean and distorted notes to the intensity of the lyrics we convey the message that our true power does not lie around us, but inside us allowing us to reach life changing goals, just like the main character of our song”.

Rock Band AWAKEN THE GIANT Release New Single “Hypnotize” to all major platforms!

Awaken the Giant released their new single “HYPNOTIZE” to all major platforms today!

“Hypnotize is a song about being with someone and not having to fake it, and no longer having to prove anything because your relationship is in perfect harmony” says the band.


“Peaches” is a medium tempo R&B song that combines addictive melody and a heavy 808 bass, with lyrics comparing romantic time spent with a loved one to a “sweet peach” in paradise. The EP consists of six songs in total, showing KAI’s diverse range.

OVTLIER Accelerates Single “Spineless” feat. Danny Leal Jr. of Upon A Burning Body

OVTLIER accelerates single “SPINELESS” featuring Danny Leal Jr. of Upon A Burning Body to all major platforms!

“Joey first asked me if I would feature on this track. Like any other I wanted to make sure it was something that I felt I could fit in with. I was super pumped on the sound this band has going and am a legitimate fan of this track” says Danny Leal Jr.



Riser House/Columbia Nashville and multi-platinum #1 hitmaker Mitchell Tenpenny premiered a new music video today for “I Hope It Snows” with Warner Music Canada/Riser House Entertainment singer-songwriter and fiancé Meghan Patrick.

Mae Mae Releases New Single and Video “Apple Boy”

Produced by Adam Castilla (of The Colourist), the songs on Gummy Heart Eyes highlights Mae Mae’s unconventional yet welcoming storytelling, zooming in on her distinctive charm blends into her pop appeal. Like her first single “Squishy” – which Consequence called “an easy, playful, sunny ode to a happy afternoon” that lies “somewhere between cutesy and dreamy” – “Apple Boy” reflects how her wide-eyed wonder and optimism collide with the world around her, so much so that the imagery and symbolism in the music on Gummy Heart Eyes were propelled by her actual hunger. She recalls, “I was on a juice cleanse at the time, so I would go to the studio super hungry and we would write about food. That’s the basis for a lot of this music.”

Alt-Country Rocker Wild The Coyote Releases Rugged New Single, “Under The Weather”

Wild the Coyote has just released his alt-country single “Under the Weather.” The song follows the story of a man trying his best to keep it together for his family, but can’t shake the troubles of drugs and alcohol that are tearing his family apart. “With this song, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed a devastating argument between family over drugs and alcohol destroying their relationship. It was painful to see the destruction those two poisons can have on a relationship, especially when there are kids in the picture. I’ve had my share of troubled run-ins with alcohol, so I went and wrote a song that hurt me to the core,” explains Wild the Coyote. “Under the Weather” is the second single from his upcoming EP, 7 Roses, due out in 2022. Visit WildTheCoyote.com for more information.

Pouya Can’t Get Out of His Head in “One Deep in the Fleetwood” Video

A staple in the packed South Florida rap scene for nearly a decade, Pouya’s rise and staying power is a testament to staying true to himself. Reflecting on his come up, Pouya shares “One Deep in the Fleetwood,” a new music video for a soulful and saxophone-drenched banger. Addressing those who think the Miami native betrayed his core values, Pouya raps “I see why they think I sold my soul / Really don’t know how deep this goes”–the haters don’t see the whole picture. Directed by MidVessel, the video echoes the song’s paranoid lyrics, as Pouya is trapped in a surveilled bedroom that’s impossible to escape, regardless of how many different ways he tries to break free. “One Deep in the Fleetwood” is a highlight track off of Blood Was Never Thick As Water, Pouya’s recent album, full of introspective anthems and mosh pit-ready bangers.

DALBY Drops New Music Video for Single “BLANKET” Produced by Tricky Stewart

EFFING HUMAN RECORDS Presents DALBY and her new video (directed by Video Rahiem) for her latest single “BLANKET” produced by legendary super producer Tricky Stewart.

Dalby’s latest single, “Blanket” is a tune that checks all boxes, mid-tempo, catchy, you can blast and sing along.

Lush Electronic Track Submission

“Here and Now” glides effortlessly with key-laden pulsations, building quaintly prior to a darker shift past the one-minute mark. The initial bouncier, effervescent qualities return shortly thereafter, then accompanied by spacey, eerie synth-laden resonance.