@skopemag news – friday – november 26, 2021 @ 8 am est

@skopemag news – friday – november 26, 2021 @ 8 am est

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Indietronica Four Piece LAZYRAVE Return with ‘Snakey’

Indietronica four-piece LAZYRAVE return with their new single ‘Snakey’. Following on from their recent release ‘Lazy Raver’, the new single is an attitude-filled indie rave track. As the guys say, “we’ve all known a snakey rat”, the track holds a relatable theme to all, inspired by the snakes that LAZYRAVE have experienced slithering in and out of their social circles. ‘Snakey’ once again shows off LAZYRAVE’s signature propulsive energy.


Aimi explores this reflective, inspiring tone with the lead single “If,” on which she rhythmically rattles off her experiences with fake love yet stands firm in her refusal to settle until she finds the real thing. She knows she’s worth it. “My love is a drug, it might be lethal,” she sings in the chorus. “But I swear you the trip is no compare.” The slow-burning, soulful August single “What’s Perfect?” again showcases Aimi’s intoxicating melodies and a soothing lo-fi vibe that she originally explored on the evocative March ballad “True Feelings”—which shines anew in its place on If. Each song is a little different, but they all add new colors and textures to the otherworldly pop Aimi has dedicated herself to making over the last few years.


TURKEY VULTURE have released their song “Fiji”. The song is from their upcoming album Twist the Knife which comes out on January 14 2022.

Drummer Jim Clegg Comments:

“‘Fiji’ is about the surveillance and lack of privacy Truman Burbank suffers during the movie The Truman Show. Art imitates life, and this situation continues with social media today.”


Chinjako is a bemba word that means “Change.” The release of “Chinjako step” will follow the unstoppable success of his recent joint mixtape TBA with EDM producer Dmstry (as well as emerging winner of the Best International Artist of the year at the GX Awards UK).


The prominent avant-garde noise rock band known as BUÑUEL has unveiled plans to release their third album, Killers Like Us, on February 18th with Profound Lore Records. Today, the group has unveiled the record’s first new track, “When God Used A Rope,” accompanied by beautifully chaotic video directed by Jacopo Rondinelli. Watch now at the link below.

BLOOD RED SHOES – Release: ‘I Am Not You’ || New Album: ‘Ghosts On Tape’ – out Jan ’22

Produced by Grammy nominated producer Tom Dalgety (Pixies, Royal Blood) and recorded at Echo Zoo Studios in March 2020, the new single is a song born from pure, unbridled, venomous rage.

“The song takes industrial synths, and guitars distorted through the cheapest digital interfaces we could find and smashes them together into one harsh metallic slab of pure rage.” Explains Steven Ansell.

Jump Off The Cliff with SATE

She is a fierce artist with a dirty soulful rock sound with bluesy punk attitude. She just released an album connected to her love for the Tarot and is named after the hero of the Tarot deck, “THE FOOL”! I’ve been told by SATE that this card is about beginnings, trust, and stepping off a cliff with ultimate faith in the universe.

Video: Born I – Unenlightened

Born I’s latest visual offering “Unenlightened” is more than a music video. Its a short film that is, on the surface, a love letter to the manga and film series “Lone Wolf and Cub” and the story of Yasuke, the African Samurai. On a deeper level, “Unenlightened” is a spiritual allegory about overcoming our inner demons.

Bam&Co.Heavy – Canada’s Nova Spei Drop New Video “Sorcière” Off New Album “Sequentis”

“Sorcière” is the third single off of Quebec’s Nova Spei recently released second album “Sequentis”. This sophomore record is more cohesive than their previous one, their 2017 self-titled debut. On this new album, they stay high energy, focusing on how they will translate their music to the stage.

The majority of Nova Spei’s lyrics focus on relatable experiences that people have regularly in their lives. They describe the meaning behind “Sorcière”:

“We created this album as a more ‘’metal’’ album, with lots of energy and powerful riffs. The summary of the single is that it represents our vices, our weaknesses, which can lead to an unhealthy relationship.”

British alt/pop – Battling mental health

Inspired by Bon Iver and The 1975 and their ability to fuse electronic elements with traditional band compositions, “Love Gets Me Down” blends these two worlds to create something which is comfortingly familiar, yet excitingly new.

Artist: Dooley and Baldwin – Track: Taligate

Titled Tailgate, this track celebrates football fans who can’t afford tickets to college games but attend the tailgate festivities outside the game. These fans are often from the country; plus, the melody and instrumentation for the song were crafted to fit the country genre and country playlists. This is a fun song. When played live, we have the crowd singing along and shouting “FRIED CHICKEN!”

New Video: Terrorential – Flood The Earth – (Thrash/Death Metal)

Have you ever woken up and just thought to yourself, fuck this, fuck that, fuck this cunt, fuck that cunt and fuck the whole world? Well, that’s how I felt one day, I can’t remember exactly why I was so pissed off but I was just pissed off at everything. I thought to myself If I was some sort of Super Villan I would make it rain until the whole planet floods, then move the earth closer to the sun so it boils everything and kills everything then bring it back to the goldilocks zone and start again. I picked up my guitar and wrote the riffs and the song in basically one day, I was just really angry but to be honest after I wrote the song I felt better hahaha, I guess I just needed to let it all out. In the chorus the lyrics go “Bring the fucking world down, with total destruction” but the original lyrics were “Bring the fucking world down, with all the corruption” but it sounded to political and I changed corruption to destruction as it sounded more METAL to me and that way the listener can interpret it their own way. That’s one thing I love about METAL music, it helps you get out all your hate and frustration in the music, it can also make you happy, sad, energetic, it depends on the song, I guess. – Terrorential


Sydney rockers Marvell have today announced their most powerful single to date – Needle, a true journey of a song that describes the hardships, trauma and impossible hope that accompanies a cancer battle, released today. Accompanying the track is an equally affecting video, made in collaboration with Brae Fisher (Dear Seattle). Needle precedes Marvell’s new EP, Comfort Is King which is set for release on December 9 – fans can pre-save the record now and Sydneysiders can check out the band’s dynamic live show when they play Avalon RSL on December 4.

The Sea Gypsies ‘Daydream’ return with uplifting new single ‘Where We Left Off’

Armed with the type of energy we should all be taking into this summer, Central Coast five-piece The Sea Gypsies present their new track, ‘Where We Left Off’.

A reflective song that takes stock of the band’s journey over the past year and a half, tinged with optimism as they look forward to a fruitful year ahead, ‘Where We Left Off’ is a sun-kissed three-and-a-half minute indie romp. Following on from the band’s previous single ‘Daydream’, ‘Where We Left Off’ is an exciting taste of what’s to come from The Sea Gypsies as 2022 beckons.