Headline: Best Music Streaming Services of 2021

A music streaming services popularity used to be determined by the libraries they have. But what separates them today are the quality of their music discovery which is now determined by either human curation or algorithms.

Most music streaming services offer similar catalogues that contain millions of songs and playlists. The users experience while using these services on both desktop and mobile apps is an important aspect to add to their popularity. IT support providers can assist these businesses with ensuring their services run smoothly on any platform.

Most music streaming services have free tiers like but if you want the ultimate experience like IT support company UK businesses provide, you can subscribe for a small monthly fee. There are various music streaming services available but below are just a few of the best ones for 2021.


Spotify quickly became the most popular music streaming site in 2021. That is because it gives you access to tons of music and audio content. It is supported by a range of devices and has a free streaming option.

The paid options include Spotify Premium, Spotify Premium duo, Spotify Premium Family and Spotify Premium Student. The Spotify Premium option is just $10 a month and it allows you stream without any ads. Spotify Duo is $13 a month and allows for two family members to use it. The Spotify Premium Family option is $16 a month and lets an additional six family members use it. The Spotify Premium Student is awesome for university students as they don’t always have much money, you can get this option for just $5 a month.

Apple Music

Apple Music works great on Apple devices but what is just as crazy is that there is in fact an app for it to be used across other platforms as well. It integrates well with your iTunes library if you have an Apple device. Businesses thrive when they integrate their services with outsourced IT support services because it alleviates the extra pressure from customers.

Apple has various paid options that include Apple Music Individual, Apple Music Family, Apple Music Student, Apple Music Voice and Apple One Bundle. Each option ranges between $5 and $15 which is quite worth it as you are given access to millions of songs. If you are unsure about Apple Music you can take advantage of the free three-month trial.