Easy and Pretty Ways to Organize Utensils

Cooking drawers may rapidly become crowded kitchen utensils since we have so many of them. Most of us have a range of tools such as wooden spoons, whisks, and more. And if you are even a bit like me, then this is a disaster in a drawer … or a few drawers. Until today, I truly had no clue how to arrange the food appropriately. Get your dishes in order once and for all with these easy and attractive arranging solutions.

Decorative methods of arranging dishes.

  1. Ideas for arranging interior cabinet doors.

Have you ever pondered how to utilize all that vertical (unused) space in your kitchen? Store crockery inside the cabinet door to prevent taking up precious drawer space. It is certainly the ideal spot to put several of your culinary equipment. You may also put up additional wooden spice racks for some of your favorite spices, such as parsley, garlic, and onion powder. That’s a fantastic concept!

  1. Do-it-yourself revolving basket for dishwashing.

Is there anything you’ve ever wanted or needed but couldn’t locate in the store? What if you could do it yourself? Make your own spinning dish cart with a wooden circle (lazy susan) and a few attractive stainless steel cups. It’s really fairly easy to make, and you can glue the stainless steel cups to the top of the utensil container. Pretty adorable, isn’t it?

  1. A rotating lazy Susan built beneath your closet.

Place a rotating lazy Susan beneath the cabinet to hang and organize the dishes. You can effortlessly spin it to acquire anything you need. No more digging through boxes because who wants to do this? If you’re short on drawer space, consider installing diagonal drawers. They provide you space for additional length!

  1. Pegboard kitchen organizer.

Attach a wooden board to the wall to hang dishes and other small objects. It’s also a terrific method to clear up space in cabinets and drawers! You will need a sheet of the perforated board from your local hardware store, which you may paint in any color. You will also need perforated board hooks to hang the dishes, but make sure you know how much you need (first), so you don’t have to go back to the shop. Isn’t it a wonderful approach for conserving space?

If you have no time for making this organizer look at eco-friendly bamboo ones: https://royalcraftwood.com/products/bamboo-silverware-drawer-organizer-natural 

  1. Nostalgic dish holder.

I love the concept of ​​this dinnerware since it makes a terrific housewarming present! Write your favorite cookie recipe on the cookie jar and use it to keep the utensils. It will also become a sentimental present to offer for Christmas or pass on to your offspring. You may add more than one favorite recipe to your cookware to keep the cookware in it. What a terrific technique to keep your surfaces clean and neat.

  1. Organize kitchenware for tiny places.

Install a towel rack and shower curtain hooks to hang kitchenware on the wall or inside your cabinet door. You may also add a magnetic stripe to hang your knives side by side so you can access everything effortlessly. This solution is useful if your kitchen has very limited room for drawers since utensils hanging on the wall are a wonderful space saver. A hook or two on the wall might also come in useful for other items, like hand towels. This is a terrific concept for tiny kitchens.

  1. Bamboo jerry can towel rack.

Or combine a towel rack with jerry cans to carry a range of dinnerware and culinary equipment. Fabulous! Most of us like our stalls to keep uncluttered, but if you have an empty wall, this can be an excellent choice for you. A few basic extras are available at your local Home Depot or Lowes and are pretty straightforward to install. The outcome is really lovely!

  • Three towel bars with a diameter of 24 inches
  • Bamboo Dish Holders
  • Metal rings for shower curtain 
  • Electric drill

When hanging the towel bar on the wall, be careful to enter the screws into the hairpins. This dish holder will sustain the weight when fastened to the studs. Mixing this utensil storage concept (with some flower arrangements) produces such a gorgeous look. I can’t wait to start working on this for my kitchen.

  1. Super charming tin cans for dinnerware storage.

Clean and paint the cans that will function as utensil holders. Oh, my goodness. With clean empty cans, masking tape, a brush, and paints in your preferred colors, this project can turn into amazing fun. Be careful to file the edges of the cans at the top with a metal filter before you start since these edges can be sharp. In order to get cleaner lines, wait for each coat of paint to dry fully before applying the next.

  1. Charming crockery holder with mason’s jugs.

Attach the pitchers to a wooden board for this charming rustic crockery holder. What a wonderful idea to give some rustic character to your community. If you don’t hang it, you’ll need to secure the back because of the risk of it tipping forward due to the weight of the front. Or, you may permanently mount wood to the wall, for example, next to a street barbecue or in the kitchen. Add silverware to jars, or store serving spoons and scoops as preferred.

  1. Arrange the dishes in the vertical drawer.

We appreciate this deep drawer in which you can put your crockery upright—what a terrific way to utilize enormous boxes. In the autumn, my kitchen was completely remodeled. As a result, I now have enormous deep drawers in which everything seems to go misplaced. Everything would be in one place, which would make it a lot more enjoyable to prepare meals. I can’t wait to start planning my drawer remodeling project!

  1. Layout the dishes with an old rake.

If you want your kitchen to seem like a farmhouse, this rake dish holder will look wonderful! It offers your kitchen a lovely antique aesthetic and makes it simple to arrange. To use the rake, unscrew the handle and insert it into the board. You may put hooks on both sides to hang other objects like adorable potholders. I’m a country girl at heart, so I can’t wait to attempt this in my kitchen!

  1. Create your own drawer dividers.

Can’t locate drawer dividers that meet your needs? Create your own to fit your unique cookware. It’s easier than you think! This was done using basic pieces of hobby wood, wood glue, and waxed paper below (to preserve the box while it cures) (to protect the box while it dries). You may also cover your drawer with your favorite liner when the project is ready. Or you could take these by Royal Craft Wood on a budget: https://royalcraftwood.com/products/bamboo-drawer-dividers-22-natural 

The cheese grater may be transformed into a dish holder in this manner:

Attach the cheese grater on an old board (upside down) to act as storage for china or pots. You may connect anything to the rear or top for simple hanging, such as a chain, rope, or rope. Add spoons, spatulas, or even whisks to the kitchen, and you’re set to go. You may also use this for various things, like keeping gorgeous flowers or even storing wrapped tea towels or washcloths. Plus, it’s magnetic, so you can put a tiny message or even a photo on the exterior.

  1. Holder for dishes for a cutting board using your own hands.

Attach a tea towel to a wooden cutting board to make the utensil rack great for outdoor cooking. Wouldn’t having a grill look great? It’s much easier to transport utensils from the kitchen to the grill when you have these holders. But you may just as easily use them in the kitchen to keep serving spoons and spatulas. And best of all, no stitching is necessary!

  1. Arrange the dishes in a lovely basket.

And if everything else fails, you can simply put everything in a lovely basket! It’s a terrific method to keep your kitchen counter clutter to a minimum yet still have your favorite tools close at reach. Depending on the style of the basket you are using, you may add things to keep your cooking equipment, such as one or two plates, a cutting board, etc. Place the basket adjacent to the cooking area or even next to the stove, so it is simple to grab what you need.

Gather all the materials you’ll need:

  • Shallow basket for your possessions
  • One or two crockeries (you may use cups or mugs for this if you wish) to set the crockery in.
  • One or two cutting boards if you wish to add them to your cart.
  • Dishes.
  • And an empty spot to set it down when it’s done.

Make do with whatever you’ve got in the house in the absence of a rectangular basket. You may also add or remove goods from the containers, but don’t put too many in at once. You don’t want the appearance to be crowded. I adore this basic notion of ​​organization. Nice, yet extremely useful!