New Video By Summer Rain “Let Me Tell You”

They say that where you’re from shapes who you are. Hailing from Qualicum Beach in Vancouver Island, where the average population for the town is 65 years old, Summer Rain has been endlessly inspired by old-school music while maintaining a youthful and relatable discography. Bandmates Will McLelland (guitar, vocals), Josh Beausoleil (bass, vocals), and Logan Hale (drums) have managed to capture the attention of millions with their hits like “South of the Border” and “Hold Her Hand,” both an eclectic mix of folk and indie rock. Every song is a beautiful collaboration between each member’s strengths, from sweet vocals to groovy guitar and drums. Summer Rain teaches us to not to take ourselves too seriously.

Falling in love is a whirlwind of fleeting euphoria and feelings of invincibility. It can have you wanting to shout it from the rooftops. “Let Me Tell You” is a warm embrace of the urgency of now and being in the moment, even if what lies ahead is unclear. With heartfelt guitar strums and a steady drumbeat, Will Mclelland’s voice melts into the timeless instrumentals.

The video portrays a dream-like state where everything is random and nothing seems to make sense, which serves as a metaphor for the uncertainty and confusion of modern relationships. As the guitar plucks pick up the rhythm, Will faces the woman he adores, and they drown into each other’s arms in a hug. At the end of it all, the random confusion subsides and the couple are left to face the world together. Rediscover the joys of youthfulness and the complicated, fuzzy feeling of romance in “Let Me Tell You.”

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