Biography and creativity David Todua

David Todua is a talented vocalist and musician, an experienced composer and now a participant in the sixth season of the popular TV project Voice.


His path to fame was not easy and long. When he was 12 years old, he had to leave his country because of the war. In Tbilisi David finished his sixth grade. Later the whole family moved to Kharkiv because it was already noticeable that the conflict would be prolonged. They were invited to Ukraine by their father’s good friends. They lived in Kharkiv for eight years, where David graduated from high school and went to law school. He buried his mother at a very young age. Then they moved to Kemerovo, where they were invited by their aunt, a cousin of David’s mother. Their relatives helped them very much, my father started working there. The young man transferred to the law faculty of Kemerovo State University. After graduating from the university he bought a ticket to Moscow and moved there.

Path to music

He has always been interested in music. By the way, David Todua played in the Abkhazian children’s theater called Tetri Talgen. Zurab Matua from the Comedy Club also played in this theater. He comes from the city of Sukhumi.

In Kharkiv, Todua had his own group. In Kemerovo, he began to sing and develop his talent. And already in Moscow, where David Todua moved in 2003, he got the role of Galileo in a musical called We Will Rock You. David was selected among all participants for the main cast. After closing the project, he decided to get a professional music education, so he entered jazz college. Due to the lack of time, he could not finish his education. Concerts and tours awaited him.

After the musical David Todva created the group The Bohemians that is still touring very well. They needed a recording studio Milton Group. He worked with this team for almost thirteen years. There was a period when he left the team due to health problems but he later started working again.

This was not the first such experience. Prior to Voice David Todva participated in People’s Artist that made him move to Moscow. After that, he did not take part in such projects. Everything happened quite a by accident. He has many friends because of his creative work, he produces various artists, writes music, sells it in Russia and abroad. And, respectively, during this time he became acquainted with both the management and the editors of Channel One. They persuaded David to take part in a blind audition for Voice. The result exceeded his expectations: he was invited to their teams by all four judges. He chose the team of Leonid Agutin.

Health problems

Because of an eye injury he got many years ago, David Todd had to undergo about 20 surgeries. Although he still feels pain, especially when he sings high notes. Serious health problems did not become an obstacle for new achievements. David opened a recording studio called Milton Group. There he creates amazing compositions and records quality sound due to his professionalism. He writes material not only for his own groups but also for the stars of Russian show business and abroad. The singer’s wife also teaches singing in the studio Milton Group. Therefore, even a beginner in music can get a quality product in this studio. Milton Group is a real catch for professionals and amateurs in music.

We wish the artist new creative achievements and interesting projects, and his studio Milton Group prosperity. David Todva with such potential will be able to surprise the audience despite health problems. He has already made a name for himself as a composer and thanks to his participation in the show Voice he will become more popular as a singer.