Great Places to Study When Your Dorm Is Too Crowded

College life has an abundance of challenges to face. Finances, social life, and of course academics all cause some level of difficulty for young aspiring professionals. Each student who resides off-campus has his or her challenges to face, like traffic on the commute or the annoyance of siblings. However, students who choose to stay in the school’s dormitory or other student housing have at least one universal challenge to overcome: trying to study when your dorm is crowded with other students. Here are a few ideas and suggestions on alternative places to study:


Being able to discover a place to study that’s comfortably within walking distance from your dorm room is crucial for the majority of college students. Thankfully, there are plenty of quiet and distraction-free study spots right there on your campus. Here are some of the best options along with some tips for each one.


Finding a place on a bench or spreading a towel or blanket out on the ground can be a rejuvenating way to enjoy the sun and fresh air while you study. The little noises outside, such as nearby birds, offer natural and peaceful background music. Plus you’ll have plenty of open space to spread out materials for comparisons, reference, and other study tasks.


Every school has a general library with a plethora of books for most of its students. Many schools also have a graduate library housing reference and reading material that caters to the academic needs of students who major in law, medicine, or similar career paths. Both places offer a quiet place for solitary study. Find a table or a corner where you don’t risk interrupting or interference from any other groups of students.


Sometimes there will be a short time frame between classes when professors’ classrooms are empty. Say, hypothetically, Professor June does not have a class to teach between eight-fifteen AM and ten-thirty AM; you could ask her respectfully if she’ll allow you to study in peace during that time as you also do not have a class then. Additionally, your school may have a classroom that is not used at all for whatever reason. Ask someone in your school’s administration department if you can have permission to study in one of the empty classrooms.


A change in setting from the school scenery can prove highly advantageous to your studying. Most of the time, there will be local places to go within walking distance or that you can get to via  public transit. Here are some great choices to try:

Cafes and Diners

There are a few guidelines for etiquette that should be followed for studying in these local places. However, finding a comfortable corner booth in a diner or a comfy chair at a coffee shop can be a rewarding solution to studying in a crowded dorm. Many coffee shops also offer free WiFi, which is vital when doing online coursework.

Other Places

There is no end to the count of places where you can study in peace. Some of the best among them include local parks, public libraries, food courts, or a study buddy’s house. If you have trusted friends or family nearby, they may also be willing to provide a peaceful study space for you.


Finding a quiet place to study can be difficult when you live in a college dorm among other busy students. However, this doesn’t have to be a detriment to your academic success. There are options both on and off campus that can be a great place to read, write, and study for exams. If you’re struggling to find alone time in your dorm, keep this list of suggestions in mind.