New Video By Riiyoo & Lil Lee “Pray 4 Me” (feat. VL Deck)

When you least expect it, you can stumble upon someone who is bound to change your life forever. For Riiyoo & Lil Lee, fate came from working at a local food chain at an airport where the two stumbled into a conversation about their passion for music. It was evident that they both had pure love and dedication to the art, allowing them to forge a friendship that has withstood the test of time. A sense of brotherhood was established, and the two have been steadily crafting and curating their sound to make Atlanta proud. They have true musical chemistry, and it’s all because of their ability to lay their emotions on the track. Take a listen to any track by Riiyoo and Lil Lee and discover their unique sound and approach to the hip-hop game

Riiyoo and Lil Lee’s latest music video, “Pray 4 Me,” is genuine and humble at its core. Riiyoo formulated a beautiful hook and melody that preaches to keeping faith strong through the most difficult times, while Lil Lee takes charge with his raw verses that anyone who has struggled can relate to. The song is personal and places the emotions of both artists on the line, describing the grind and hustle they have endured in finding their place in the world. The track also features Atlanta street legend VL Deck who drops a verse that captures the essence of Riiyoo and Lil Lee’s vision for the song. The video is shot inside a church adorned with candles that add to the atmosphere, where the artists sit in the pews and perform on stage. It’s a beautiful look into how faith moves us all and keeps us going.