What are the best online publishing platforms other than WordPress

Like every SEO person knows that WordPress is a platform that plays an essential role in the life of an SEO person. You can make a WordPress website and rank it on Google to make money. Many people who are new in the SEO world normally ask that whether there are more platforms like WordPress or not. Obviously, there are many other best online publishing platforms where you can publish your blogs or articles. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about these platforms, as this blog is here to help. Below, you can know the names of some best online publishing platforms and know more about them. So, let’s start:


Quintype is one of the most popular services that you can use as an alternative to WordPress. You can make a site there are you can post your blogs and articles. There is a team of experts behind quintype that makes such an amazing platform for the users. The interface of quintype is very user-friendly. It means that you can easily use this platform, and you’ll not face any difficulty. They provide easy to use interface as they provide value to their customers. So, quintype is the best digital publishing platform where you can publish your post without any problem.


Tumblr is the platform that joins social media fun with blogging. You can publish anything you want here as well, and it is fully free. You don’t have to pay any fee or charges to access Tumblr. Creating the website design is also very easy, and there isn’t any rocket science in it. You don’t need to hire any website designer for setting up a website here. So, if you are searching for the best alternative for WordPress, Tumblr is also one of the best options to choose. It will make the posting much easier for you, and you can run your website here without any problem.


Drupal is one of the famous blogging platforms that you can use as a WordPress alternative. There are many people that are using Drupal, and most of them claim that it is one of the best choices to make. Maybe you’ll find out the backend of Drupal is a little complicated, but you can get access to the unlimited customized options here. There is a nice percentage of websites that are working on this platform. So, while looking for an alternative for WordPress, you can also try Drupal.


Joomla is considered as the competitor of WordPress as it is giving a tough competition to it. There is a large number of developers and users that are using this platform, and that is why it is giving tough competition to WordPress. The interface of Joomla is similar to WordPress, and it is easy to use as well. You can find the various template here, and you can select the one that you prefer. Whether there are government persons or small businesses, Joomla has millions of users. So, you can use Joomla as a WordPress alternative as well.


It is the platform that just promotes and supports blogging. Many bloggers who work on WordPress notice that WordPress is going in some other direction. It isn’t the best platform for just blogging, and that’s when Ghost comes into existence. If blogging is your only purpose and you don’t find WordPress suitable enough, then Ghost is the best choice to make. There are quality tools on Ghost that will make your blogging better. So, choose Ghost now if you are a blogger and WordPress isn’t more suitable enough for you.


You can use Weebly as a WordPress alternative too. It is the platform that allows many people to create their own websites by using various templates. As you can build your website here by using already designed templates, you don’t need any web designer. It will be cost-saving for you as well. In the future, you can also move Weebly to WordPress if you think that WordPress will benefit your blogging more. You just need to follow a simple guide for converting Weebly into WordPress. So, try Weebly if you are searching for the best alternative to replace WordPress.


If you are finding a WordPress alternative to build your own online store, Shopify is best for you. Here, you can choose the design of your store and boost your business with the help of this website. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to design a store, as this site has some amazing templates available for you. Also, you can make the online store more convenient and easy to use by applying filters to the items. It will make it easy for the users to find the desired items.


You can also choose Wix as a WordPress alternative. This platform allows users to make a free website, but its features are restricted. The free users can’t use the premium features of Wix, and to use them, you have to pay for that platform. So, it will be a good option if you are just making a blogging website and you don’t want anything extraordinary on your website. But if you are making a website for your huge business and require so many features to build the proper one, you should get a membership at Wix. So, Wix is another option that is available if you don’t want to use WordPress.


Many bloggers, SEO persons, or a businessman today are looking for the best platform that they can use as an alternative to WordPress. There are plenty of other options, and you can choose one of them that is most suitable for you. You can select one on the basis of your preference. In the above section, we mention some best blogging and posting platforms that you can use as an alternative to WordPress. So, get help from this post and give your best in your blogging career by selecting most suitable option.