Andrew Moore New Single ‘Look At Me Now’

Andrew Moore features a playful, tropical sensibility with “Look At Me Now”. Everything within it has a grace to it. Stylistically he brings together pop, electro, EDM, and more into this coherent, concise whole. The leanness of the song proves to be a joy for the hooks race through. His delivery has a classic cadence to it. By forgoing trends, the sound feels quite timeless. So full of life, the way the grooves interlock further adds to the spirit of the work. Nods to thoughtful groups such as the Postal Service and their ilk gives the piece that additional sense of tradition.

The guitar riffs add to the bliss of the piece. Percussion adds to the chilled-out atmosphere of the work. A happiness resides within the many different layers of the work. Evolution of the sound further adds to the tenderness of the tones, for it seemingly washes over the listener with a true sense of purpose. Full of encouragement, there is a giddiness to the way he delivers each line. With a bit of a smile, he lets the story shift in a way that feels quite majestic. Stately at times, the piece’s instrumental variety means a whole slew of colors enter into the fray giving it some nice ambient washes to it, making it so beautiful to see the bright textures shift.

“Look At Me Now” has a great optimism and hope to it, with Andrew Moore’s reassuring vocals an absolute joy to behold.