Afroman and BLAZAR team up on the new single “Step It Up”

If you miss 80s electro hip-hop Afroman & Blazar can hook you up with “Step It Up”. As someone who grew up and outright loved this sound, it is a joy to hear a duo pay their respect to that golden age. Volume is a must for theirs is the sort of club throbbing jam that makes an audience get delirious. Everything here has such positivity and hope behind it that it is pure bliss. From the synthesizer to the hit of the beat, it all works wonders in being this fantastically catchy tune. By far though the true soul of the sound rests with their assured vocals. With a flow that harks back to the early days, their retro musings add to the intensity of the mix.

Nor do they wait to build the sound up they dive in headfirst. Grooves start immediately with their seductive allure. Everything here swirls about in a wild, uncanny mix. Lyrics are chosen for maximum impact for every single verse gets to the heart of the matter. Quite celebratory, they mix it up in a way that adds to the song’s inherent decadence. Within the piece there is a geometric sensibility too, for the hard hitting of the sound means they can reconfigure things all without losing that distinct edge of the work making it pure bliss.

Afroman & Blazar delve into a popping, powerful mix on the intense trip of “Step It Up”.