Joe Fox and The Frantics have released yet another banger: Haze

The latest release from L.A. band Joe Fox & The Frantics hits the spot yet again. ‘Haze’ is very catchy, yet it shows no unnecessary studio frills. However, this does not mean that the creative intensity and expressive urgency of the artist are trapped in any way: on the contrary, it is the restrained sonic approach that allows the artist to really focus on what’s important, meaning in creating a deeper emotional collection with the audience. The production hits the mark. There is great attention to detail, focus on capturing a performance, as well as great care in achieving a balanced mix and master for this release. All of the rhythmic elements in the song, as well as the dynamics of the mix have the right texture. In addition to that, the melodies shine and stand out in the mix quite effortlessly. The artist is skilled in creating his own musical narrative in a very powerful and consistent fashion. This track is a perfect example of what he is all about and how he continues to experiment with new ideas!

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