The only cleanup crew you need for your freshwater aquarium tank

You were searching for the fish or invertebrates that can clean your aquarium so that you do not need to go for tank cleaning? Well, you need to know this is a myth, this type of creature does not exist. However, several animals can do an excellent job eating pest snails, dying plant leaves, algae, leftover food, and many more. Learn more about all these things below lines. The importance of these creatures is not able to ignore.

Redtail Sharks and Rainbow Sharks

You may be surprised to hear about the freshwater sharks, but their janitorial skills are incredible. Both species are hunters, and they clean up the extra food that sticks between rainbow equipment, rocks, décor, and others. Those sharks can eat algae because it is part of the diet. However, those are territorial and in the 29 gallons or larger tank to save from aggression. They are available in several variations, such as Goldfish, albino, black colors.


It is a South American cichlids group of animals that consists of different genera like Satanoperca and Geopahagus. Those are famous for raising substrate into their mouths and cleaning it through their gills. Any eatable wastes are digested, swallowed in their gut, and broken down further so that herbs can easily absorb the excess leftovers. If you do not have plants in your live aquarium, you need to remove the waste through changes more frequently to keep your fish healthy. Adding those species into your aquarium will be fun since those are docile bottom dwellers for all the community tanks that are about fifty-five gallons and more significant.


The North American native males fish contain adorable patterns that resemble the stripes and stars on the US flag. Their mouths have a unique shape for pulling off quickly black beard algae and hair algae. However, they may end up damaging more fragile plants in this procedure. As the kind of the killifish, they can get a bit rowdy. Therefore, you need to place them in twenty gallons or a giant aquarium with other quick tank mates. This species is widespread, and the majority of people like to keep these fishes in the tank.


These are the fish types found in different sizes and varieties like one-inch, two-inch, and three-inch regular-sized or more significant Brochis types. They are peaceful, using whiskers and barbels to seek tiny crustaceans, worms, scraps, and others. Cory catfish sucks the food that they get in the tank. This fish and all its peers are omnivores who get their food from the bottom. They used to eat algae rounds, tropical granules, shrimp pellets, bottom feeder tablets, and other excellent foods for these catfish. They take food from the aquarium walls, decorations, and substrate. However, it is part of their diet, and they can get food from the algae wafers. You will notice that Corydoras live great in a planted aquarium and is safe and secure for the other water animals and plants. 


Several people think of adorable fish for cleaning the tank, but different livebearers are famous for their extraordinary insatiable appetites. It causes them to choose the ground plants constantly. They grow on the edible snacks used for décor. They are found in various colors and sizes and prosper on small crustaceans, insects, algae, plants, etc. This diet is produced in the home aquarium very quickly and easily. Therefore, the majority of the people keep them in their home aquarium. People feed them that consists of frozen foods, quality flake food, and many more.


Nobody likes snails, but they are fantastic to clean your home aquarium. They are one of the excellent cleaners in the tank since they eat everything. Snails consume dead fish, rotting leaves, algae, fish waste, and organic material even further for plants to use. There are different types of snails, such as Malaysian trumpet snails, nitrite snails, Ramshorn snails, and others. They devour a vast range of live plant parts like fruits, bark, plant crops, stems, and many more. They prefer to consume mushrooms and fungi, and in the home tank, they find algae as their best food. These are the essential foods for freshwater.


Snails can reproduce as a wildfire, so that people look for a way to remove and clean them from their fish tank. They like escargot, and they suck snails from their shells. They are found in the universe in a variety of groups. They have a heavy infestation and use it to decrease the amount of waste in the aquarium, and it employees the services of the dwarf chain, yoyo loaches, clown loaches, and others. It is essential for the aquarium community. They will accept the dry flake food, pellets, sinking wafers, and frozen meaty like brine shrimp, calms, daphnia, and bloodworms. They like vegetable matter in their diet.

Common Gold Fish

Most people find these types of fishes a messy one. They can grow to twelve inches long and are placed in tanks that are too small for them. GoldFish likes to pick through the substrate and much on fish wastes and leftovers. They love to eat algae. In the large tank, they eat peacefully. The majority of the people keep these fish in their home aquarium to increase the splendor of their tanks. Moreover, due to the large sizes, these fish tanks are highly suitable for the commercial areas because they are big and wide for this species.


All these fishes are highly remarkable for the home aquarium to clean up. It is essential to provide a suitable environment for your water animals, and it is possible with the help of clean water and the atmosphere. The fish mentioned above and animals are highly ideal for the majority of the home users because they can create a healthy environment in their home aquarium and fish tank. Do not forget to include Corydoras. They produce a healthy environment for other living organisms.