Salty Brasi Drops Some Comedic Bars In New “Sweet Tooth” Music Video

After signing with indie powerhouse Suburban Noize Records and releasing his single for “Warrior” online, New York-based emcee Salty Brasi has returned with his new single “Sweet Tooth” and a brand new music video to match.

The video was directed by Dylan Toon and shows Brasi indulging in some comedic bars, as Charlie Mumbles plays maestro with a loungey, jazz-infused beat laced with some flamenco-style riffs.

“Sweet Tooth is one of my favorite songs and videos to date. It brings a comedic breath to the real emotions and frustration that come with love and heartbreak,” added Salty Brasi. “The hook, as simple as it is, perfectly expresses the way I was feeling during my own relationship troubles at the time. Through this song, I found it was healthiest to laugh about it [the relationship troubles] and bring some light-heartedness to the situation. When I perform this live, don’t be surprised to hear me yelling out my ex’s name during the set.”