New Video By Pamela Hopkins “Back When”

Pamela Hopkins features a playful spirited work with “Back When”. The nostalgic kick of the lyricism stuns for the reflection on the past has a realness to it. She incorporates a lot of life within the sound. Genre-wise rooted in country, she brings in southern rock, folk, and pop into the mix giving it such soul. Her voice proves to be the very backbone of the whole work, featuring an uncanny ability to tie so much together into the singular stunning fiery array. Interplay amongst the group further adds to this joy. A sense of togetherness permeates the entire work for there is a beauty to behold there.

The acoustic guitar starts things off and wastes no time in setting the pastoral bliss of the piece. Drums help to give the song a certain pulse for it races on forward with so much color. Melodies linger on in the mind long after the whole piece has ended. Fortunately, though Pamela manages to make the song seemingly stretch out to include the past, present and future without neatly settling into any. Rather her sound has a timelessness to it, with the classic quality of the track readily apparent. Over the course of the mix even as the rest of the band lets loose, she keeps her voice steady, calm, and rather soothing.

“Back When” revels in the intrinsic grandeur of Pamela Hopkins’ power to craft narratives that touch the very heart.