Redesign Your Home With These Pocket-Friendly Ideas For A Change

Do you feel that your rooms are now dull? Are you bored with the design and interior but do not want to spend a fortune? Well, it is easy to give your home a much-needed makeover without spending a lot of money.

You can go DIY, change a few furnishings and upholstery or tweak the existing items to give your home a great makeover anytime. That means you can get an excellent mixer grinder from and redesign your home without exhausting your budget.

So, brace yourself and read till the end. Here are some ideas that can change the look of your home during any time, any season-

Add some Cushions in Bright Covers

A few cushions can instantly add some glamorous touch to your interior, especially the lounge or drawing hall. You can add some pillows in contrasting colors to add a splash of color to your home. For example, if the sofas or bedroom is monotonic, add a few printed cushions in bright colors. On the other hand, if you have bright walls and upholstery, get cushions in primary colors like royal blue, navy blue, crimson red, burgundy to add a luxurious feel. You can also add ethnic prints and motifs to cushion covers.

Moreover, try to use glossy satin or velvet cushion covers for that extra luxurious feel. You can also play with different shapes and sizes to create some depth.

If you have many cushions in your home, change the covers to achieve a new look. This project also offers excellent scope for DIY!

Add lights

Fairy lights or statement lights can also lighten up your room. You can change the lighting arrangement in your room to add more depth and a dramatic feel to it. For example, fairy lights are great for living rooms. You can also use statement pieces in glass.

If you want to go DIY, you can use old glass bottles or plastic bottles. You can also use glass paint or fabric paint to color the bottles. Otherwise, colored glass bottles are also fine. You can insert small fairy lights in the bottles and place the lit bottles on a table or racks. Alternatively, you can also hand the bottles with lights for a rustic charm in your home.

Play with Mirrors

Mirrors are another great idea for redecorating your home within a budget. A mirror often helps create a focal point inside a room, making your home appear more prominent. You can use mirrors in different shapes and sizes to decorate an empty wall. You can also use decorative mirror stickers to create quirky shapes to add a little fun touch. On the other hand, a large traditional mirror is also a great choice.


Now, you have some ideas that you can use. You can also discover new ideas and DIY home decors over a cup of tea or piping hot coffee. Check out the to get a new electric kettle for excellent beers every day.

You can also tweak these ideas and manage everything as per your preference without going overboard with the budget.