What Got Me Obsessed About Treadmills

Since this pandemic started, I found myself gaining weight and losing hope over my overall health condition. Seeing the state I was in, my wife suggested I get a treadmill and start exercising, and that’s how my journey to a better me began. To find out more, see where to buy treadmills in toronto!

Of course, running on the treadmill is not the same as running outside, but to be honest, it is best than sitting in bed all day, which I would be doing if there was not for this new treadmill I got. Want to know more about what got me obsessed with treadmills? Here is a list of some of the benefits that using a treadmill will give you!

  1. You can adjust the intensity level of your workout!

This is perhaps the most valuable benefit of using a treadmill, especially when it comes to inexperienced runners that did not figure out their pace yet. I know that technically you can adjust your pace when running outside, too, but that is a little bit more difficult when you’re a beginner because you must figure out your limits first. By using a treadmill for running, it all becomes easier since the intensity level is broken down on speed levels.

You can set your treadmill on a moderate level and then adjust it on the go, while you are working out!

  1. Virtual reality is your best friend!

Oh, the wonders of technology! I must admit, when treadmills first came out, they used to be a little bit boring – all you did was run while seeing the same environment. If it happened to forget your headphones, too, you were doomed!

But nowadays, modern treadmills are so much more engaging and fun! You can race with your friends using virtual reality and you can experience the wonders of the world without even leaving your room! Virtual reality allows you to use different tracks from multiple countries and that, honestly, is my favorite part about running!

  1. It’s an effective way to burn fat!

The pandemic got the worst out of me! Since I found myself stuck in a little flat with tons of work to do, it affected both my physical and my mental health. That’s when I started gaining weight and I was so out of shape that my usual clothes did not fit me anymore.

But after I got a treadmill and got it installed in my apartment, things started to get better. I started to lose weight and my mental health started to get better, too! Running on the treadmill turned out to be an effective way to burn fat, and even the quality of my sleep improved after using it!

  1. You can multitask!

I am one of the people that just love watching TV shows to relax, but sadly for me, I used to lack the time to do it. By using the treadmill, I can just play my favorite TV show and work out at the same time, saving precious time and taking care of my mind and body, too!

There are days when I just want to blast music full volume while running, and since the treadmill is located inside my apartment, I can do that without burdening anyone! Owning a treadmill is sure fun!

  1. Stay healthy, stay safe!

I used to hit the gym before the pandemic started and it was a fun and relaxing activity that I enjoyed doing. Sadly, nowadays that puts us in too much danger with the COVID 19 virus that spreads out so quickly. Working out at home is a safer choice that protects you and your loved ones from getting infected, so make sure you stay safe and healthy by using the treadmill at home.

If you ask me what I would choose between treadmill running or running outside, I will surely answer you that treadmill running got me hooked these days. You don’t have to worry about the weather conditions, you can easily adjust the intensity level of your workout, it is way safer, and it burns fat just as effectively as running outside does! 

Hopefully, this little article helped you decide to take on treadmill running as a hobby! Using a treadmill is not only fun and engaging but it also keeps you in a good condition, both physically and mentally. The treadmills can also sync with multiple fitness apps so you can share your progress with your friends!