Everything You Must Know About REACH Regulations

It is a known fact that through the years, the environment has gone through the most disturbing changes. Living organisms need to be protected in order for them to survive. But with the negative effects of human acts, the environment is no longer safeguarded. The living organisms are exposed to chemicals that are usually disposed of in factories and establishments. However, these toxic chemicals are not only harmful to animals but even to humans too.

When a company is ready to open up for business, one of the things that need to be considered would be the possible importation or production of chemical substances as part of your products’ manufacturing processes. In this case, you should verify if your company needs REACH Certification testing.

What is REACH Certification?

REACH is an abbreviation for Registration-Evaluation-Authorization-Restrictions, the EU’s set of regulations to safeguard the environment and all living organisms in it. REACH Certification is the approval that you need to authenticate whether or not your products are compatible with REACH regulations. This is a European Regulation to safeguard the human population. This ensures that the environment is free from any dangerous chemicals that are possibly produced by various manufacturers that deal with various chemical substances.

How Companies Are Affected with REACH

Product manufacturers need to comply with the regulations. It impacts many companies all across various industries. Still, there are those who believe that they are not involved with such chemicals yet still need to comply with REACH regulations. So how about the companies that are established outside the EU? These companies can still important products into the EU custom territories and they don’t have to comply with the obligations set by REACH.

They must learn how to identify and act on possible risks that are linked to the chemicals and other substances that they manufacture and sell. They must demonstrate how the substances are proven and tested to be safe to use. And also, the company has the responsibility to get the message across to its consumers if there are possible risks and how to manage them.

REACH And How it Affects Consumers

Consumers have the right to information about whether the products they buy contain any harmful chemicals that should be a cause of worry or concern. These are the substances that are proven to have irreversible effects on human health or the environment. Consumers should be able to ask suppliers about this and companies or manufacturers are obliged to provide honest answers. However, it is a known fact that It is always not easy to contact the importer or  the producer of the product.

Are Your Products REACH Compliant?

REACH applies to any chemical substance. REACH testing is not only for those used in industrial processes but even with what you can find inside your home, like cleaning products, clothes, furniture, and paints. That is why REACH regulations play a huge role for most companies all across the European Union.

So when buying products, always check if they contain harmful substances. And if they do, then you have to ensure that they are REACH regulations compliant. This will give you peace of mind that the product is safe to use.