Top 8 Fashion Trends for Plus Size Women

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Gone are the days when women had to look a certain way. Fast forward to 2021, women of all shapes, sizes, and colors are beautiful. Being size 14 and 16 has become the new normal, giving women the confidence to feel comfortable in their skin. At the same time, fashion designers and retailers are also embracing size inclusivity in their clothing lines. Many brands have even introduced a separate clothing range specifically designed for plus-size women.

Moreover, the plus-size models have inspired women who felt conscious because of their body size. They are spreading body positivity, showing how fashion trends are for women of all sizes and shapes. Plus-size models know how to flaunt every outfit flawlessly, from flaunting colorful dresses, jumpsuits to ultra-modern monochrome sets.

Truthfully, it’s never easy to cancel decades of scale anxiety and clothing struggles. Still, now, the world is adopting a style-for-all attitude. If you are wondering where to begin, let us show you the ropes. Here we have highlighted the top eight fashion trends for plus-size women.

  • Colorful Dresses

Believe it or not, but nothing looks more festive as a multi-colored dress. Many clothing brands are offering such dresses for plus-size women. From warm tones, polka dots to solid colors, you can find anything and everything in your size. All you have to do is search online for some good brands such as Dia and Co dresses to find your perfect fit. Besides festivals, you can wear colorful dresses casually too. The floral prints in unique styles look beautiful in the warmer seasons.

  • Poncho Capes

In winter, curvy women face a lot of trouble deciding their outfits. Some think they look bulky wearing sweaters, while others don’t know how to pull off cardigans. Well, poncho capes could be the perfect choice for plus-size women during the chilly season. It is more like a stitched shawl with hand pockets and a neckline. Hence, you can drape it over a casual denim shirt or a long dress. Otherwise, pair it with a high waist or pull-on leggings. It would balance out the volume, creating an equestrian-inspired outfit look. For accessories, opt for flat riding boots and a straw handbag.

  • Monochrome Sweater Sets

Straight from the 70s, the monochrome sets are back with a bang. We already see celebrities flaunting these sets in bold and warm colors, nothing less than a treat for the eyes. Undoubtedly, these sets look equally pleasing to plus-size women. The coordinating sets will take the guesswork of pairing, making it easy to style an outfit. Therefore, get your hands on a few monochrome sweaters sets for this winter season. You can look for matching separates, ribbed knit midi, or an open-front cardigan – anything that suits your style.

  • Signature Tunic Shirt

Haven’t you seen models and celebrities flaunting long tunic shirts? Mostly, these shirts come in strips but look incredibly stylish. These tunics are made from a cooling and moisture-wicking material; meaning, you won’t feel sweaty flaunting them. It will keep you comfortable under the sun and polished at the work desk. However, feel free to add a coat for chilly mornings. You can pair them with jeggings, tights, shorts, or high-waist denim. These look perfect for a dinner date and a casual luncheon. Similarly, you can pair these shirts with slim pants and ballet flats for a formal occasion.

  • Funky Jumpsuits

Lately, Michelle Buteau flaunted a spotted green jumpsuit and became the talk of the town. She’s a plus-size American Comedian, famous for her humor and styling sense. So, why not get a few jumpsuits this season? Most of the jumpsuits have cinched waists, giving a flattering silhouette to plus-sized ladies. Apart from funky prints, you can even get your hands on sober colors and solid jumpsuits. After all, they look equally pleasing when paired with a few accessories and pointed-toe heels.

  • Ruffled Blouses

Ruffles were a notable trend of the 80s, but these are back in fashion again. From sleeves to tie-neck details, ruffled blouses have become everyone’s favorite. Most plus-size women think these tops might make them look bulky, but that’s not true. You have to pair these blouses with leather pants or skinny jeans to make them stand out. Although these shirts have a loose cut, they look beautiful on plus-size women; hence, don’t mind giving them a try.

  • Statement Sleeves

Are you scared to experiment with colors? If so, find other ways to make your outfit pop. Perhaps, you can take a cue from Tess Holiday, who has been flashing statement sleeves. Her off-shoulder blouse with ruffled sleeves always brings drama and style to the streets. Thus, you can also try something similar. If the sleeves reveal your neckline, pair the blouse with statement earrings to complete the look. Likewise, keep your hair open to reflect a figure-emphasizing silhouette.

  • Colored Leather

Colored leather has become a timeless outfit. Hence, this is something the plus-size women shouldn’t be missing. You can get your hands on a leather jumpsuit and pair it up with a high-neck cardigan. Similarly, you can grab a long trench coat in bolder colors to make all eyes turn at you. The drawstring leather dresses have also become popular amongst the model, so don’t forget to take a look. While you can find all kinds of outfits in colored leather, get something that suits your style and personality. After all, fashion is all about feeling comfortable in your skin.

Final Thoughts

Plus-size women often struggle with clothing choices but not anymore. With plus-size models flaunting every outfit, it is time for every woman to follow fashion trends with confidence. From dresses to jumpsuits, you can find every outfit in your size and shape. Hence, explore the fashion industry and see which trends are emerging for the coming seasons. It will help you stay up to date, letting you flaunt every trend in style.