Tim Reynolds & Michael Sokolowski take you on an Exciting ‘Soul Pilgrimage’

It’s always music to my ears when I get a chance to take in an original composition that is like nothing else I’ve ever heard. And ‘Soul Pilgrimage’ by Tim Reynolds & Michael Sokolowski is just that with an overall sound you won’t hear anywhere else. Refreshing to say the least, ‘Soul Pilgrimage’, will invigorate your musical senses and keep you on your toes.

Soul Pilgrimage’ is nearly a 30-year follow up to 1992’s collection of piano/guitar duets. This highly anticipated project is an album of guitar and synthesizer duets by Tim Reynolds and Michael Sokolowski released during the summer of 2021. I can guarantee that ‘Soul Pilgrimage’ will be a listening experience like no other, so buckle up and brace yourself for one exhilarating ride.

The record starts up with an intriguing intro on “Efflorescence” that adds a bit of mystique & wonder overall. Next, you’ll hear “Soul Pilgrimage- Itinerant Mind” that will give you constant drips into your psyche while musical drops saturate the inside of your eardrums. Moving along, Tim and Michael will have you chasing stars & fireflies on “Soul Pilgrimage-Under Big Sky” where the mysterious sound of night surrounds you. Add some “Freighter Hop” to your step as “Soul Pilgrimage” continues but this time with a bouncy, bubbly & futuristic mix in place. Next, jump aboard and take a ride on the “Aerotrain” that will take you through many twists & turns. On track six, “Is That You”, travel through a wondrous land and then head into “Homunculus” where a catchy beat & melody awaits you. Tim Reynolds & Michael Sokolowski end on a rather soft note with “But for Chance Operations” that will make the listener stop, wait and contemplate.

Tim Reynolds is a widely recognized guitarist and is well-known for his work with Dave Matthews and Dave Matthews Band. Dave Matthews had this to say about Tim Reynolds: “Tim is constantly spontaneous and is really connected to what he’s doing”. Michael Sokolowski is a highly-skilled keyboardist, composer and writer and Michael has been associated with many talented acts. Dave Matthews also shared some kind words about Michael Sokolowski: ““There is a family of musicians in Charlottesville unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. It’s people like Mike Sokolowski that make it so special. He’s world class”. With such worthy mentions by Dave Matthews himself, one can expect great things from Tim Reynolds and Michael Sokolowski. ‘Soul Pilgrimage’ is greatness personified and will put your musical senses on overdrive! If you’re sick of the same ‘ol, same ‘ol, then you have to check out ‘Soul Pilgrimage’ by Tim Reynolds & Michael Sokolowski. Time to save music and save some souls along the away and I have a feeling Tim Reynolds & Michael Sokolowski will be making original, unconventional music for years to come.



By Jimmy Rae