Ronnue Releases “why”

The somewhat aleatory, “Why” is the newest single by the defiant Rapper, known as Ronnue. You wouldn’t expect an artist like Ronnue to be one for mystique, but that is precisely the case to some degree. “Why” features Figuz, and a host of other elements, once you begin doing a deeper dive. As simple and straightforward as the track is, it’s somewhat difficult to contextualize. To some, Ronnue may be on about nothing, but to others he is verbalizing their most unabashed thoughts.

With lines like, you can kiss my ass/right after I get off the toilet, Ronnue isn’t exactly attempting to wax poetic. Instead, he is clearly going on the offensive, in response to having been put on the defensive. One thing that is moderately difficult to discern, is if Ronnue is coming from a strictly first person perspective. It may not be important in the grand scheme, but it’s worth noting, at the very least. In some ways, Ronnue is bringing an overlooked issue, under the proverbial microscope.

For his part, Figuz bring lots of sizzle to the track. At first listen, the mix does not sound particularly concise. There aren’t any glaring issues, but Ronnue’s vocal seems just a bit hot, until you realize it’s likely an example of his power. Ronnue would probably take over anything he is involved with, not out of dominance, but out of sheer presence. As a positive, “Why,” certainly feels alive and bright, from start to finish.

There are some who may write “Why,” off as a comedy/novelty song. If it weren’t for its pertinent statements on passing judgment, and moral superiority, this song is rather forgettable. As an artist, Ronnue is much less forgettable. Though he is crass throughout much of “Why,” Ronnue possesses an unmistakable yet undefinable charm. It allows for his grievances to come off with a sense of urgency, as opposed to opportunistic posturing.

The video for “Why,” may come across as an infomercial for modern celebrity. In other ways, it could be considered a metaphorical hit piece. Whatever the case, Ronnue utilizes pop culture, and its assorted heroes and villains, to validate his point. There is a sort of cleverness in how Ronnue let’s the accused speak for themselves, which somehow feels even more incriminating. Referencing Nas X is timely, as perhaps no other act in music, has as much momentum, right now.

“Why,” will either immediately resonate or it will require a wide open mind. There is no in between with a piece of music, such as this. Ronnue has an innate ability to scoff and cajole, simultaneously. Couple his range with an uncensored wit, and you have a polarizing, yet compelling figure, who likely hasn’t shown his entire hand. All things considered, “Why” is a fair first impression of Ronnue. Just be sure not to ask where he sleeps, because chances are, you don’t need to know.

Mark Ryan