How the right parts can give your staircase a facelift

If you’re starting to feel like your staircase has seen better days, it can be tempting to think the only answer is an expensive refurbishment.

But bringing a staircase back to life is actually a lot cheaper, and easier than you probably think.

All it takes is a bit of TLC and one or two new accessories and you’ll have your staircase looking good as new again.

Here is a quick guide to the top five staircase parts we’d recommend.

Wall mounted handrails

Ditch the old, dingy handrail and opt for a new sleek looking accessory that can instantly modernise the look and feel of your staircase.

Offset the handrail’s oak effect with some brush silver or dark grey end caps for some contrast and a more modern look.

Wall mounted handrails also create the feeling of additional space because they don’t run up from the floor.

Glass balustrade

If your wooden rails are looking a little dated, switch them for a modern glass balustrade that fits a design from chic to contemporary.

Glass balustrades don’t just look great, they can create the illusion of extra space and help brighten the area by better reflecting light.

A glass staircase can be teamed with other materials like wood or metal, or stand on its own, harmonising with all sorts of decor styles and keeping their good looks for years to come.

Switch between wood and metal

If you really want to give your staircase a noticeable facelift, then you can switch between wood and metal spindles and essentially create an entirely new look at a low price.

Metal makes for a great all-round staircase component, and is available in many forms. 

To achieve a stylish, modern looking banister, try chrome or brushed nickel stair spindles, connectors and newel caps paired with a pine or oak handrail or baserail. 

For a staircase that’s totally unique, why not try two or three different types of baluster in an alternating sequence?

There’s no need to limit yourself!

Choose some fusion accessories

Fusion designs are an affordable but brilliant way to create a new look.

Fusion stair parts give you the style you need to not only make your staircase the perfect fit for your decor, but makes it the winning feature of the whole room.

Fusion glass panels combined with sleek wood handrails, silver end caps and brackets bring a new look at a low cost. 

Explore your colour options

Achieve the look you heart desires with various different finishes of timber.

If you have wooden floors, harmonise the different levels of your home by extending the same type of timber to your staircase steps.

Alternatively, you can make your staircase a striking centerpiece by opting for a contrasting type of wood. 

Your refurbishment doesn’t have to be an overcomplicated or expensive process, and you can completely transform the look of your staircase even while on a budget.

As an approved UK stockist of Richard Burbidge staircase parts, Wonkee Donkee Richard Burbidge provides only the best stair parts, and the team is always on hand to guide and advise you.