Sean1 releases official music video for “Booty Control”

Sean Booker, AKA Sean1, was born in Louisville Ky. At the age of 9yrs old he discovered music. He soon then began to start singing in the local church. As time went on his love for R&B and hip-Hop music began to flourish. At the age of 19 he soon would release what we would be his first classic solo LP entitled “Definitions”.

Definitions went on to grab attention of A&R’s as it would be featured in the BET Movie “Winner Takes All”. After a brief time of touring with acts like Wale and Travis Scott, Sean1 decided to take things in his own hands and help co’ found his own independent label Self Made Millionaire Entertainment LLC. In 2015 He released the E.P entitled “Black Label”. With a certified Hit “Booty On Me” featuring R Prophet of Nappy Roots and remixes including Kevin Gates and Juicy J. The song charted # 40 on the billboard charts and was featured on MTV’s Catfish where Nev took a shot at rapping a verse in the booth on a episode. Since then Sean 1 has been working on Projects for upcoming acts on his Roster, and here in 2021 He is releasing “Afta Party Vol #1 & Vol # 2.