@skopemag Review – BARRETT MARTIN – To release 10th solo album “Stillpoint”

Barrett Martin imbues his jazz with a post-rock flavor on the tasteful “Stillpoint”. Playing here has a nice spirited presence to it featuring exquisite horns. Without needing to say a word a whole narrative comes into view one with such staying power. By deftly sidestepping trends, Barrett embraces a sound that has a timelessness to it. Instrumental variety adds a lot of color into the proceedings ensuring that every detail can truly sparkle. From the understated presence of the piano to the low-key hit of the drums, it all comes together in a meditative way.

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“The Roaring Sea” sets the tone, with a lovely, atmospheric ode and exquisite rhythmic patterns that overlap in majestic ways. Bass has a limberness to it with the elastic grooves of “Please Come Back, She Said To The Sun” for they bring a hint of anticipation into the proceedings. Clear nods to tropical jazz genres like Bossa Nova emerge on the delicate musings of “Waves Of Color”. From the initial melodic gesture “A Year On The Cliff” goes for true luxury, with the vibraphone adding to the casual cool of it all. A nice leisurely funk waltzes on through with “Pineapple Expresses”. Percussion gains a tactile capability with it on the spirited “The Beauty In Darkness”. Going for a rather meditative bent is the thoughtful finale “To The Sea We Return”.

“Stillpoint” revels in the exquisite detail that Barrett Martin sculpts within this multi-part suites to deliver a spirit that touches the very soul.