5 proven ways to get more Twitch stream viewers

Twitch is one of the largest video live-streaming service in the world, with over 3.7 million unique broadcasters using it to drive their goals.

No wonder people want more viewers to join their live streams.

Today, we’ll discuss 5 proven ways you can get more Twitch stream viewers.

Let’s get started…

Schedule your streams

Streams are like buses. If you don’t know the exact time when your bus will arrive, then you’ll face difficulty catching it.

But If you have the schedule of all the bus timings, you can easily board your bus.

This story is true for your streams.

You want more people to watch your stream and to achieve that you must create a schedule for your streams so that next time your audience will know when to join you.

In your schedule, you can mention the time you’ll be playing and what you’ll be playing. This’ll tell people you’re serious about your streams and help build trust with them.

Once people become habituated with the schedule, you can expect them to be there with you. Hence, creating a loyal viewer base.

Create compelling thumbnails and titles

Thumbnails are significant to get Twitch followers & viewers because people are instantly attracted toward visual media. 

Hence, a stream whose thumbnail is rich in high-quality images and illustrations would grab the attention of people.

You can use a snapshot from your stream or create custom ones to add more value and stand out from the rest.

What about titles?

Titles can make or break your streams. They are like invitations you sent to viewers. If your invitation is below par or poor, people would easily ignore it and wander off toward other streams.

Hence, creating compelling titles is critical to your twitch success.

Here’re some tips to help you:

  • Mention your game rank.
  • Write and highlight your favourite character.
  • Include the duration of your session.
  • Use your streaming language in your titles.
  • Make sure your title is easy to understand and delivers a clear message.

Engage Engage Engage

Engaging with your audiences is one of the best ways to create a loyal viewer base and provide value to them.

Everyone hates boring streams where the host doesn’t interact with its audience.

Think about it. 

Why would people watch your streams if they don’t feel comfortable or welcomed? Most streamers make this mistake.

People want to be cared for and entertained. They want something in return for watching your stream. 

Let’s discuss some engagement tips to help you get started:

  • Always welcome new subscribers and loyal fans by calling out their names.
  • Keep talking throughout the stream.
  • Discuss your favourite strategies. What part of the game you like the most? Who is your favourite character and what attack/moves work best for you?
  • Create conversations by asking questions. You can ask specific people or all the viewers simultaneously and if someone asks you something, attend to it.
  • Ask for feedback and suggestions to improve your streams.

Choose the right games

You can attract more viewers by showing them what they want. 

Most streamers choose random games and expect people to watch their streams. This’s a huge mistake.

People are selective at their choices and respect streamers who respect their interests. That doesn’t mean you can’t play the games you like, but you’ve to stream games people like to provide them value.

You can do this by creating a mix of different games.

Select the games you’re best at, games your audiences love and games that you think have the potential to attract massive viewership.

Simply ask your subscribers what they want you to play next or research your audience and make a list of games they engage with.

Partner up

If you want to grow on twitch, you’ve to help and take help. Partnering with other streamers is one way to create awareness about your content in front of new audiences.

You can do this by engaging with the content of streamers with the same subscribers, or slightly more viewers than you.

Join their streams, interact with the host, and share their content.

Finally, contact them with an offer that will provide them some value.


There you have it, 5 proven ways to get more Twitch viewers. The idea is to create a schedule for viewers to find and join your streams regularly. 

Finally, by choosing the right games, engaging with viewers and partnering with other streamers, you can win your twitch streaming game.