Bluewill Continues to Surge within the Space of E-Commerce

Bluewill is a brand new retail discount platform that is gracing the North American internet as of this year. Like any solid, web-based retailer, Bluewill’s presentational qualities are kept simple and bell-clear, complete with a timely holistic message within its marketing materials. “Bluewill (is) reminiscent of the blue whale, the largest known mammal of the Animal Kingdom, (striving) to provide one of the largest platforms, largest discounts, and best product selection(s) for customers globally like the (blue whale) traversing across the ocean,” calming text within this vein reads.

They go on to elaborate, “Bluewill is an e-commerce platform dedicated to providing smart shoppers a convenient way to fulfill all your home living & lifestyle needs…For super shoppers & deal seekers who want high-quality products at a fraction of the price, Bluewill is an e-commerce platform that gives you first dibs on exclusive deals.” Unlike many of its competitors in the online retail markets, Bluewill lives up to said holism in a genuine and decidedly anti-duplicitous manner. There is no catch to what the company provides to its targeted consumer base, in this particular case spanning the widest possible customer margin with an extensive array of categorical features. The company offers exclusive packages like the Work from Home Office Set, the Workout Set, the Home Improvement Set, and covers all bases including Automotive features, Electronics features, Household-related features, Sports & Outdoors, and overall generalized Appliance features.


“At (Bluewill), we aim to create a platform for our customers to buy the premium products they need, want, and deserve; without the extra cost,” the company writes. “Sixteen years ago, we started as a traditional online retailer that sold millions of products covering numerous categories. As time went by, we realized this mainstream business model was complicating the shopping process making it difficult for shoppers to conveniently find what they need. With our new approach, we have focused our resources to provide the best selling products for the most popular categories allowing us to provide premium quality at an unbeatable price. With a new innovative team focused on customer satisfaction, we are confident our customers won’t be disappointed.” It’s this sort of pragmatic generosity that not only sets Bluewill apart, but is simultaneously an exciting precedent for both what Bluewill will be able to perform for its customer base in future, along with the overall impact such tactics will have on a decidedly postmodernist corporate, retail, and sale-based landscape. 

There has been a seismic shift in the typical cold-blooded image of business. Spanning multiple corporate enterprises specializing in numerous, different targets and set approaches is the idea that charitable features and long-term success share a symbiotic relationship. There’s no longer a Lorax juxtaposition between the common consumer and the corporate leader, as much as there’s a leveling of the two parties’ respective playing fields. It’s a new trend that’s reflective of the current sociopolitical climate – the hierarchal levels and echelons of divided power(s) being flipped from their traditionalist positions. Bluewill is amongst the ranks of the postmodernist business model, but its confident fluidity within being ahead of the curve means exciting and hot prospects specifically for the company itself in years to come. 

Gwen Waggoner