Jason Damico – Presents ‘Reveal Me’ (feat. Eric Gales, P.J. Farley, Kenny Aronoff)

Jason Damico explores hard rock’s heaviest riffs on the intense rush of “Reveal Me (feat. Eric Gales, P.J. Farley, & Kenny Aronoff)”. Volume is a given for theirs is a ferocious sound, a sheer wall of it crushing upon the listener. Every single element gets amped up way into the red for the rebellious nature is a joy to behold. To hear rock played the way it should, loud and chaotically, really adds to the thrill of the piece. Best of all his vocals, enraged with a wild-eyed presence about them, fully sells the entire thing. Lyrics are chosen with care adding to the defiant ethos of the whole track.

There’s no buildup, no anticipation they simply jump right into it. Guitars come out screaming for they make sure to hold absolutely nothing back, as they race along at a breakneck speed. Layer upon layer enters into the fray for the strategy is one of sheer muscle. Nods to 80s hard rock, metal, and anthemic arena rock all inform the track. Virtually soaring up into the sky they grow the track out with such urgency, making sure to hold absolutely nothing back. From the hit of the drums to the squall of the guitars, it all work wonders in bludgeoning the listener into submission.

Official Site: https://www.jasondamico.com

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7uUmUs9J7XhdPss0T61003


“Reveal Me (feat. Eric Gales, P.J. Farley, & Kenny Aronoff)” shows Jason Damico to be a true crafter of worlds creating an entire sonic universe that is easy to get lost in.