The Dark Artistry of UK Talent Laura Greaves

Author: Greg Fairley

‘Psychopath’ by Laura Greaves, taken from her EP ‘Into The Dark’, is a beautifully crafted song with a bittersweet juxtaposition at its core. We love the contrast of the devilish theme, with Greaves’ angelic vocals, just as we appreciate the strange combination of the mellow beat and dramatic synths combined in the production. The instrumental on the track includes a very heavy bassline which totally captivates the listener.

Greaves’ artistry is very unique and she no doubt draws inspiration from a plethora of genres. Make sure to watch the accompanying new music video, with cinematography by the remarkable Jon Prentice and direction from Cat Job. All in all, a perfect visual for this brooding and twisted fantasy of a song. It’s safe to say that this song and the video have the listener on the edge of their seat. Don’t miss this.

In the artist’s own words:

“We started Psychopath off with just a rough instrumental and then the idea was that we were going to make something cool but upbeat. I listened and immediately thought that it sounded kind of dark with the distorted “Purge” style alarm at the beginning, I then ran with that theme. I also am obsessed with true crime and so once I came up with that first line, “I’ve met the devil he’s handsome, he’s never heard of The Manson’s” it was essentially going to be an homage to everything creepy and twisted that I love. I wanted it to be from the point of view of a Psychopath who is chatting about how much they just don’t want to be alone inside their heads anymore, and that essentially they’re about to carry out something quite sinister, but it’s framed in the way they’re thinking about it, almost in a love story way.” – Laura Greaves

‘Psychopath’ and EP ‘Into The Dark’ are released via Circus Records, and available to stream and download now!

Watch the video for ‘Psychopath’:

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