Tips for Putting On an Exciting Show When You’ve Got a Small Budget

You’re almost ready to take the stage. Whether you’ve been a performer for years or are just getting started, it’s an exciting moment. Don’t let financial concerns hold you back from a great show. You can still put on the show fans want to see, even if your budget is small.

Find Cheaper Instrument Alternatives

Look for ways to make a less expensive version of your performance. For example, if you’re a guitarist, try going acoustic to save on electricity bills. If you’re a drummer, see if you can pare down your kit to the essentials. Exercise your creative vision here. You might just discover that you can perform in a whole new way.

Change Venues

You may have had your heart set on a particular stage, but if it’s outside your budget, you also need to be realistic. The town or city you’re performing in will likely have an offering of several different locations, from stadiums to black box theaters. For performers who are going on tour, stretch your budget by choosing smaller settings every few stops, rather than going for the stadium each time. There’s another benefit here beyond a monetary one: your fans will enjoy getting to see you in a more intimate venue, rather than just cheering from the nosebleed section.


If you can’t afford to hire a lot of outside talent, learn how to do things yourself. Craft supply or thrift stores are a great resource for cheaper costumes. There are a number of editing apps that will help you create music videos like a pro, no camera crew required. You can project these images behind you as you perform. If your artistic aesthetic is very dramatic, dry ice is an inexpensive special effect.

Get Financial Planning Advice

The bottom line is just as important as being a headliner. You need to be aware of every aspect of your budget if you want your show to pay off. If the numbers seem overwhelming, take advantage of financial management services, like those at Luckie Seven Solutions Inc. An outside adviser will walk you through what parts of your performance are the most expensive. That will help you figure out what to cut back on, be it costumes, makeup, or even lighting.

These changes might feel like a risky artistic move, but take heart. Know that you’ve got true fans out there who will follow you no matter what.