Jeris Johnson releases “Going Ghost” track/visual 

Today, Jeris Johnson reveals his new single “Going Ghost”. The track fuses an energetic, guitar-driven hook with a more subtle, intimate and melodic side of Jeris, perfectly encapsulating the whirlwind of toxic relationships. The genre-melding musical odyssey is gearing up for a brand new body of work with “Going Ghost” leading the way.

Of the track, Jeris states “‘Going Ghost’ is one of the first songs i’ve written that actually means a little something to me and isn’t just me having fun writing about random shit. When it was in the early demo stages I thought about scrapping it. Sometimes i’ll just randomly start hating my songs but I figured this one was worth a second opinion. So I turned to my fans and with a THUNDEROUS ROAR they demanded I release it. Enjoy 🗡”