Faae is pleased to release her second single, “marsupial”

Rising star indie-folk musician Faae is pleased to release her second single, “marsupial” on August 16th, 2021, a track capturing ecological levels of heartbreak and redemption on a personal and environmental scale.

The song is an ambient, indie-folk track inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Phoebe Bridgers, and Joni Mitchell. The song captures the softness of interconnectedness and hard to let go of relationships with the safe spaces and people you long to grow out of. Taking a note from the different melodic structures of folk and the natural environment, this track strikes a balance of soft and firm, just like our planet.


Orlando-based indie-folk singer and songwriter with a knack for gut-punch lyrics, ripe with synaesthesia and nostalgia, Faae is known for her perspective and detailed songwriting. Born in Boston in 1999, Faae began performing in church when she was six and has been quietly making melodies ever since. Faae hopes to keep creating music with detailed lyricism and intricately painted metaphors, popularized by some of her favorite musicians and poets.

“I’m excited to be making music that goes beyond what I want to say as an individual. “marsupial” is about collective loss, for our relationships, and our environment. The disconnect we’ve built between our humanity and our animalism has driven new barriers between how we exist now and how we could exist if we embrace every facet of ourselves as a species.” – Faae on ‘marsupial’

Faae’s full length EP is set for release later this year, with a full album also in the works.