Home Upgrades That Don’t Cost a Fortune

Does your home suit your lifestyle? If not, consider changing a few things to transform your living space into a place where you can enjoy music, relaxing, eating, and outdoor activities that suit your personal tastes. Think of lifestyle upgrades as miniature home improvement projects. The best part is, you won’t have to take out a loan to cover the cost of adding things like high-quality audio equipment, desktop vaporizers, carports, small greenhouses, or art rooms to your home. The secret is using the space you already have and repurposing it for the things you most enjoy doing. Here are several suggestions that are easy, don’t cost a fortune, and won’t take too much time. After all, it’s your home, so why not customize it to your exact needs?

Sound Bars

If you’ve never owned a sound bar before, now is a perfect time to explore the possibilities. Prices have come down in the past few years, and the technology is better than ever. It up to you how to use it. Homeowners connect the bars to plasma TVs for a boost in audio quality, or simply add them to an existing stereo system and enjoy music in an entirely new way. Be careful when shopping, because some of the high-end models can be pricey. But, it’s easy enough to get very good bars for well under $100.


Of the many who own one or more vaporizers, few have dedicated rooms for vaping. That’s understandable because a large number of units are portable, pocket-sized devices meant to be taken out and used on-the-go. But, if you’ve ever thought about going the desktop route with a quality vaporizer, you can shop for excellent models like the Arizer Extreme Q online and begin planning the design of your home’s vape room. Indeed, one of the benefits of a good vaporizer is that it can be used for so many things, and that includes aromatherapy. Designating an extra bedroom or small den as a special vape space is a great way to create a relaxation zone where you can retreat and relax any time of the day or night.

DIY Car Ports and Greenhouses

If you prefer to use your garage for purposes other than parking, consider building a DIY carport on the driveway. Kits are available online and off, and for single spaces, most people can put the ports up in a couple hours with standard tools. It helps to have a second person to complete the job. Another great kit project is a greenhouse. If you opt for the starter models, you can have them set up in a matter of hours and begin growing your favorite plants year-round. If gardening is your thing, these inexpensive little structures add quite a lot to any backyard, and they make ideal herb hot-houses for garden-to-kitchen spices and other edibles.

Reclaimed Attics, Garages, Basements

Spend a few weekends clearing out a cluttered attic, messy garage, or neglected basement and you can literally add an extra room to your home with little effort. Many people who go this route reclaim the space as art rooms, exercise dens, or extra bedrooms.