Sound and Vision: Building Your Ideal Sound System

A good sound system enriches your life in unexpected ways. You hear new texture to songs you already love. You immerse yourself in a movie or TV show. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money to experience these benefits.

Understand Where the Sound Comes From

This might seem obvious but all sound has a source. That actually has a significant impact on what kind of sound system you’ll build. Vinyl records require a turntable. Spotify or other similar services need somewhere to stream each song. This isn’t just a computer. A digital to analog converter, or DAC, improves the sound quality of whatever you’re listening to.

Plug in Your Speakers

Why are speakers less important than determining a sound source? You want to ensure that they complement each other. The amount of time you spend listening to music is another factor. Passionate music listeners should focus on just one set of speakers. Floor-standing speakers are a good choice here. Pick speakers with multiple drivers. The drivers convert the audio signal into sound for a powerful experience. If you prefer music to be in the background your audio speaker systems will work well on a bookshelf or tucked away in the wall.

What are Soundbars?

A soundbar is a key component of any home movie theater. It is a thin little bar that’s commonly installed under or near a TV to improve its sound quality. The unobtrusive amplification system is particularly good for capturing dialogue. A good soundbar should have at least three channels. This mimics surround sound. Soundbars come in two types: active and passive. Active soundbars have built-in amplifiers. You save time and money since installation is easier and you don’t have to buy a second device. Good soundbars also have WiFi or Bluetooth access so you still get high-quality audio if you’re streaming music from a device in another room.

Don’t Forget the Stereo Receiver

The AM/FM radio signal might seem old-fashioned but in the audio world it’s alive and well. Stereo receivers take this signal and combine it with a 2-channel power amplifier and a preamp section. This preamp section allows you to adjust what source selection you’re using and how loudly you want to play it.

Look at what audio parts you already have before purchasing new or additional ones. It might just take a simple reconfiguration to create the sound system of your dreams.