4 Odd Plumbing Problems That Can Beguile Homeowners

When you think of plumbing problems in your home, the ones that usually come to mind include a running toilet, leaking faucet, or some pipes that may be dripping here and there. But along with these problems, you may find yourself sometimes experiencing other plumbing issues that may have you perplexed more than you ever thought possible. Should you be wondering why your plumbing has gone haywire, here are four odd plumbing problems and how plumbers can solve them for you and your family.

Shower Head Out of Position

When you step into your shower, you likely give little thought to the position of the shower head. However, should it be either too high or too low, the result will be water hitting you in the face or having to bend over quite a bit just to wash your hair. To solve this, a plumber can install an S-shaped pipe turned either up or down.

No Water Pressure

While you may have experienced low water pressure now and then, your home has probably never had no water pressure whatsoever. Should this happen, remember to not panic. In some instances, it may just be that your home’s main water line was shut off and not turned back on, which can happen if you may have been doing some DIY repairs. In other instances, you may have a burst pipe inside a wall or a water heater that is on the blink, both of which will require immediate plumbing help.

Water Hammer

No, this isn’t some type of unusual tool. Instead, water hammer is a term used to describe knocking pipes inside your home, which can take place when faucets or a washing machine are turned off very quickly. The knocking, or “hammering” that is heard inside the pipes, is caused by water moving through the pipes at a high rate of pressure. To solve this problem, a plumber can often find loose valves or support straps that need to be tightened, which often makes your pipes much quieter in a hurry.

Orange Water

If you turn on your faucet and find orange water pouring out into your sink, try not to faint or scream. When this occurs, the orange color is due to rust getting into the water. In almost all cases, this means you have a problem with sediment inside your water heater, a frequent problem with older water heaters. To get this resolved, a new water heater is the answer.

Rather than think your house has been cursed and needs an exorcist to rid it of the strange water and noises, call on an experienced plumber instead. Once you do, your plumbing problems will disappear.